How Long Is Hollow Knight (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To 60 Hours

If you are thinking of passing away some time while having some fun, then one of the best options out there is gaming. There was a time when playing a game meant going outside and coming back all sweaty and tired. But not anymore, these days you can enjoy some mind-boggling games by just sitting at your home or a friend’s place.

You can play online games these days, which have become quite the trend. Online games these days are not monotonous as before. They have become quite immersive with a background story and a possible way to win the game. One such game that people love these days is Hollow Knight.

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How Long Is Hollow Knight?

Everyone loves a game that has thrill and makes it interesting to play. It will be even better if the game has a hero and a villain. There are millions of such games available online. But out of those games, The action-adventure game – Hollow Knight has a different fan base altogether.

Hollow Knight got launched in the year 2017, and it was developed and launched by Team Cherry. It got designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems at the start. However, due to the mass popularity this game garnered, this game also got introduced for Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation.

The game has various options depending on which it will take time. Different options will take some time to complete. The maximum takes to play this game is almost 60 hours, from start to end.

The game Hollow Knight is based on an insect-like creature who is the hero in the game. It is in an imaginary kingdom called the Hallownest. The hero – Knight has a weapon that is in the form of a nail. The Knight uses this nail to fight with the villains.

The game moves when the hero starts to defend against the villains. In the process, the hero earns coins. The character can also learn spells to attack long range. The game ends when the hero finds and kills the three dreamers.

GameplayTime Taken
Main Story27 Hours
Main Story (Plus Extra)40 Hours
Completionist59 Hours
All Styles40 Hours

Why Is Hollow Knight So Long?

Any game that you are willing to play requires time. Some are repetitive game, where each repetition or levels take minutes. Whereas some games are lengthy, they might take even days to complete.

The lengthier games are quests that need to get complete and are based on a story. Hollow Knight is also a similar game that almost takes more than two days and sometimes even more. There are a lot of reasons why a game takes so long to complete. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • The most imminent factor is the story of the game. Based on the storyline, the character can further proceed and reach the ultimate goal of defeating the villain. Also, the end goal can be to claim the treasure. In Hollow Knight, the Knight needs to kill the three Dreamers. Only then, the game will cease. Hence, it takes so long.
  • The game might also take longer to get completed if you are new to playing such games. Pro players know the tips and tricks to play around within the game. Hence, it will take less time for a pro player to complete the game. But, for a new player, you will have to understand the game and learn various tricks. That will take time.
  • No game is complete without the defenders being strong. The stronger the villain, the more time it will take to kill it. In the game, the Knight has to fight and kill the three Dreamers and also face challenges that come in the way. So it takes quite a long time to complete this game.


Hollow Knight is a two-dimensional game. It is fiction-based and has a lot of twists and turns to keep you engaged. It is an action game and involves the Knight defeating all the vicious characters. 

The Knight also needs to be vigilant and avoid getting trapped. Finally, the Knight has to find the three dreamers and Kill them. Hollow Knight is quite an adventure to go on.


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