How Long Is Esthetician School (And Why?)

Exact Answer: Up to 6 months

The esthetician school would take around 4 to 6 months to get completed. There are many factors that will predict the length of the esthetician school for a student. In today’s world, the value of an esthetician is on the top of the sky. As everyone is having skin problems and would like to look great every day.

Therefore, a certified esthetician would be the correct person to help these people. The esthetician specialist would have great knowledge about the cosmetics and skincare world. People with different skin and body issues would get good treatment options from esthetician professionals.

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How Long Is Esthetician School?

Esthetician SchoolHow Long Is Esthetician School
For full-time programUp to 6 months
For part-time programUp to 12 months

The length of the Esthetician school would get affected by the following factors:
The type of course one chooses. It may be part-time or full-time depending on the preference of the person.
The type of program one goes for would decide the length of the course.
The state’s licensing requirements are also responsible for influencing the length of Esthetician school.

To become a certified esthetician, the person needs to own a license. This license would be provided by the state to the professionals. The requirement for becoming professionals differs for every state. The important condition is the school training hours covered by the person.

The person before joining the school should confirm all the requirements for getting the state license for being a certified esthetician. As without a license, the esthetician may not practice freely. Many esthetician schools are giving both full-time and part-time training options.

The people that go for part-time esthetician programs will be able to complete the course in 9 to 12 months. If someone chooses the full-time training program then the person would be able to complete the whole course in just 6 months.

Before joining the esthetician schools, the student will have to choose the types of program that one will like to study in the school. The curriculum and guidelines would be different for each school. The esthetician would be able to work in salons, hospitals, movie sets, high-end hotels, and hospitals.

The job opportunities for the certified esthetician would not be limited as they study a lot of things in the esthetician school. The students would get to learn about aromatherapy, reflexology, hair growth cycles, business practices, and physiology and anatomy.

Why Is Esthetician School This Long?

Mostly all the esthetician school requires around 600 hours of training programs to complete all the courses. For getting the license the person has to learn and comprehend the basics of all the skin-related programs with correct techniques of treatments. The personality of the esthetician is vital for cooperating and dealing with the clients.

The estheticians are highly skilled and talented skin professionals. They are taught about a much deeper concept of skin that not everyone would be able to learn. The course also focuses on building confidence and patience in the estheticians. The training hours for the esthetician programs would be different in all the states.

Some states may have a requirement for 600 hours, while others will complete the course in 750 hours. If someone wishes to build a career in the medical esthetician field, then the time length would be around 12 months.

Before going to the esthetician school make sure to do all the research about the esthetician schools. Always talk to the graduates to get a review about the courses before you choose the course. Always try to go for national accreditation training programs as they would cover everything required for the field.


The programs would also include sanitation, building business skills at a professional level, and human physiology. The school would provide both practical and theoretical knowledge about skincare. The tuition fees and total expenditure for the whole esthetician courses would be around $10,000. The expenditure of the esthetician courses would again vary in different places.



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