How Long Does A Provisional Licence Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 years

It’s important to take a provisional license before you start driving on UK roads. The provisional license would allow someone to drive on the roads and not in the motorways without passing the test for driving. An experienced driver should be there to supervise the person. The driving supervisor should not be less than 21 years.

The driving supervisor should have a driving license for at least 3 years or more. The provisional license would last around 10 years. The provisional license would be necessary for people for giving the driving test, and theoretical test. A provisional license would be required for taking the driving lessons.

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How Long Does A Provisional License Last?

Provisional LicenseHow Long Does A Provisional License Last
Minimum time10 years
Maximum time10 years

The lasting period of the provisional license is around 10 years. Always keep in mind that after someone passes the theory test, the person must take the practical test in the next 2 years. If someone is not capable of taking the practical test after the theory test before the end of 2 years, then the person may have to reappear for the theory test.

Everybody above 15 years and 9 months can apply for getting a provisional license. The provisional license would be valid once the person is 16 years old. For driving a car, the provisional license would be valid after the person is 17 years old. To get the provisional license, the person should be a resident of North Ireland or Great Britain.

The person should be able to read the number plate from 20 meters far away. People can apply for provisional licenses by visiting the official website. There they can do the payment for the provisional license. After the payment is done, they can fill in the details. The provisional license would be received by the person in 7 days.

There may be some additional checks to be made by the DVLA that may take a few days more. Once someone receives the provisional license, the person would be able to learn how to ride the bike after becoming 16 years old. The person can learn to drive a car after becoming 17 years old if that person has a provisional license.

If someone is learning with a provisional license, the person should display the L plates in the front and rear of the vehicle. The other people would be able to know if the person is driving with a provisional license.

Why does A Provisional License Last For This Long?

The person would have to apply 3 months before the person enters the age of 16. The provisional license would not last for more than 10 years as it is fixed under many guidelines and rules. If by any chance, the person lost the provisional license, the person has to re-apply for it. After 10 years, anybody can renew the provisional license by providing the following documents.

The UK passport should be valid.

The address details of the person where the person is staying for the last 3 years.

Provide the driving license that someone has currently. If the driving license is not there with the person, then specify the reason for not having it.

The person should provide the national insurance number if known.

The person should have car insurance of their own or third-party car insurance to get the provisional license. If a person is willing to learn the drive with a friend or family member, then the learner driver car insurance. This learner driver car insurance would be applicable if you are learning the car on your own or with someone else.

The learner driver car insurance would be a little more expensive.


Getting a provisional license would not be difficult if all the eligibility criteria are fulfilled. The drivers with provisional licenses would be able to drive at any time that they are comfortable. Anytime someone is willing to drive is permitted if the person has a driving supervisor and provisional license. Make car insurance for driving with a provisional driving license as it is required condition.

The person can enjoy all the benefits under a provisional license but for around 10 years without renewal of the license.


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