How Long Is Flour Good For (And Why)?

How Long Is Flour Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer:  4-8 Months

When you store food items in the kitchen, you need to take all the necessary precautions. You can’t just store things whichever way you like. Especially when we talk about edibles, you need to take extra care of how you store them.

Not just this, you should have the right knowledge about the shelf life of all the food items you have. Food items stored at home are always at a high risk of getting polluted by rodents.

Moreover, they can turn out to be quite harmful if you eat them after they get expired. Especially when we talk about flour, there are various kinds of flour available, and each of them might have a different shelf life. 

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How Long Is Flour Good For?

Type Of FlourShelf Life
Regular Flour7-8 Months
Wheat Flour4-6 Months

We can say that flour is the foundation for all delights and the answer to our questions for most bakers. It’s critical to understand what you’re working with, whether you’re using all-purpose, whole grain, or any other type of flour. 

Many people wonder whether flour gets expired or not. This is mainly because it happens many times that you prepare everything for a recipe and then you find out that the flour is not good to use.

The shelf life of flour, or how long it lasts before spoiling, is influenced by many factors. At room temperature, most types of flours last for around 4 to 8 months, frequently well over their expiration date. However, the shelf life of flour varies depending on the kind, ingredients, and how it is stored.

If we have a look at different types of flours separately, we can say that if you have regular flour, it will have a shelf life of around 7-8 months. But, if you have whole wheat flour, it will have a shorter shelf life. This is because it will last for only 4 to 6 months. 

The interval between fresh and rancid flour is priceless. Consider tasting a pinch of flour to ensure that it tastes normal, as the smell may cause the taste to deteriorate before the smell disappears. There’s no reason to throw flour out if it doesn’t smell or taste bad. Examine the colour as well, as it should not alter. 

Why Is Flour Good For That Long?

The flour you have stored in your kitchen or pantry can get spoiled to do various reasons. Many people think why is flour good for only 7 to 8 months. While some people wonder why their flour gets spoiled even before that. Well, that depends mainly on the way you store flour.

If you leave your flour out in the open in some ruptured bag, it will surely get spoiled even before its shelf life. This is because when you store four like this, it is exposed to undesired heat and moisture which is bad for it. 

Various foods items especially flour should be stored in a dry place where the temperature is a bit low. You can keep the flour in an airtight container so that it can remain fresh for some time. This way, the risk of the flour getting spoiled gets lowered. 

Flour is frequently classified according to the degree of processing, which impacts its shelf life. The origin of the ingredient, such as wheat has an effect as well. Because of how it is prepared, white all-purpose flour, for example, keeps fresher longer than whole-wheat flour.

Only a few people know that bran and germ of the grain are removed, leaving only the starchy endosperm in white flour. But, if we have a look at whole-wheat flour, it contains the bran, endosperm, germ as well as all three sections of the grain.

So we can say that whole-wheat goods are particularly susceptible to spoiling because the bran and germ are high in oils. When fats are exposed to light, moisture, or air, they degrade and produce an unpleasant flavour and odour.


When you store food items in your kitchen for household cooking, you need to be well-informed about the shelf life of the products you are storing. One of the most important factors that affect the shelf life of a food item is the way you store it. 

If we look at flour, it has a shelf life of around 8 months. But, if you don’t take enough precautions and if you don’t store it well, you might have to suffer consequences.


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