How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Five Weeks

Eggs are amongst the most nutritional and essential food items in the world. But before stacking up the eggs, it is necessary to know how long the eggs can last. Different species give different eggs that last for different timings.

There are various ways in which the shelf life of eggs can get increased. Since eggs get considered as perishable items, leaving them at room temperature is not ideal. Usually, eggs get used a lot. Hence it becomes necessary that they are as fresh as possible.

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How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last?

There are a lot of different types of eggs that get found in every place. One of them is farm-fresh eggs. Farm fresh eggs are the eggs that get sourced from the farms directly. Farm fresh eggs are available in the market too, but there are chances that only a few local markets can supply genuine farm fresh eggs. 

When the eggs are farm fresh and unwashed, they can stay good for about three to five weeks, even at room temperature. Once the eggs get washed, the shelf life of the farm-fresh eggs can go down to two weeks at room temperature.

Usually, the eggs purchased from the stores get washed, and hence should get used as soon as possible. However, there is an effective alternative method to increase the shelf life of farm-fresh eggs. When eggs get stored in the refrigerator, they can last even up to a maximum time of seven months. 

The shelf life can go even further if the eggs get kept in an air-tight container. That will reduce the activity that starts in the eggs due to air over time.

It is ideal to keep eggs in unwashed condition when bought. Farm fresh eggs that do not get washed last way longer than washed farm fresh eggs. Also, the farm-fresh eggs can get consumed within two weeks of the produce to experience the best taste. Even frozen cracked farm fresh eggs can last till a year.

Storage ConditionsShelf Life
Unwashed at room temperatureThree to five weeks
Washed at room temperatureTwo weeks
Unwashed in the fridgeUp to six months
Washed in the fridgeTwo to three months

Why Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last That Long?

Since the egg is edible food, it also gets classified into perishable items. Eggs, irrespective of the quality will go bad after some weeks of produce. There are many reasons why even the farm fresh eggs rot after a time. The reasons are as below:

  • The imminent factor that affects the shelf life of a farm-fresh egg is whether it got washed after the eggs got laid or not. When eggs get laid, it has a protective layer around them called the bloom. The main factor the rots an egg is bacteria. When the egg is dry or not washed, the bacteria cannot enter the egg. However, when a person cleans the eggs, the bloom gets removed. Hence it becomes easier for the bacteria to get inside the egg. That is the reason why it is not a great idea to wash eggs.
  • Another aspect that will play an imminent role in increasing or decreasing the shelf life of the egg is the way it gets stored. Eggs have bacteria in them, which over time becomes the reason for the eggs to rot. The bacterial growth is higher when eggs get kept at room temperature. However, when the eggs get stored in the fridge, the cold temperature in the refrigerator slows down the bacterial growth and thus increases the shelf life.


If the eggs are to be kept for an even longer duration, even freezing them is a great option.

It is also necessary to keep a check on the eggs if they get cracked or not. If they get cracked, they can get transferred to a container and then kept in the fridge or refrigerator as per convenience. However, it is important to thaw the frozen eggs before using them.


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