How Long Is Horizon Zero Dawn (And Why)?

How Long Is Horizon Zero Dawn (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 60 hours

Horizon Zero Dawn is an outstanding action game. It is based exclusively on the PlayStation 4 system. Guerrilla Games is the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn, and the publisher is Sony Interactive entertainment. In this game, the players use many types of weapons to grapple and combat with the enemies (mechanical creatures). There are many enemy forces that have to be fought to win this game.

The weapon used by the players in this game are mainly stealth, spear, and ranged weapons. The player gets bonuses and new abilities from a skill tree. This game came in 2017 specifically for Playstation 4. The game also came for Microsoft windows in 2020.

How Long Is Horizon Zero Dawn

How Long Is Horizon Zero Dawn?

For Single PlayerAverage Time Coverage
Main story30 hours 13 minutes
Main and extras56 hours 16 minutes
Completionists78 hours 34 minutes
All Play Styles58 hours 08 minutes

This role-playing game will take up to 60 hours to complete. If the player uses all the focus and dedication, then the game may get completed before the average time coverage. If the player plays the game in a leisure manner, then it may go beyond the time coverage. The game is one of the best creations by the award-winning Guerrilla Games. You would take over the role of the Aloy, a skilled hunter.

The game would acknowledge a different world that would be entirely vibrant. Once you start to take on the role of Aloy, you will have to face many mysterious creatures. The game is the best combination of lush and mystery together in a different world. You will get to explore ancient artifacts, some mysteries related to tribal societies and technologies. In this game, advanced technologies will further affect and determine the destiny of the planet.

The game will make you experience an emotional voyage. There will be an option for an open world, where you would be able to access the site guests. The open world would help you find some locations that will be compelling. The story is plotted and set up entirely in the United States. The place is occupied by tribal folks (populations) with very little technology access. The “Old ones” are recognized and remembered as the technologically advanced forerunner.

The “machines” known as robotic creatures (large) control and influence the earth. There is an occurrence of “derangement” that will influence and cause machines to do more destructions by becoming extremely belligerent.

Why Is Horizon Zero Dawn Be This Long?

The time coverage for completing the whole Horizon Zero Dawn is almost 60 hours. Horizon zero dawn is a role-playing action game. It has many parts and phases to cover. The players have to use their minds to finish this game at the earliest. All the side guests, adventurous aspects, actions aspects, and their persons would make this game lengthier. The beginner may experience some troubles initially, as a newcomer has to adjust to the game plotting.

The game is plotted with the four tribal groups at the same place. Covering the parts of each tribals group and dealing with other guests would ask for more time. This game belongs to Play station 4 that is another reason for its being lengthier. It’s not easy to understand all the plotting and other proposals of the game at the initial stage. Experts may finish this game in a short time period, but beginners would take more time for interpreting the concepts of the game. It takes time to learn how to use the maps for finding and locating the guests.
From visiting the campfires to hunting scan animals, the game would have a lot of surprises. All the parts, including the open world, would have many other phases. All the players have to crack every plot of the game to win the game. All these would make the game lengthier a challenging with many obstacles. The intelligent player would be able to end this game within the expected time.


The game needs dedication, intelligence, and patience to reach the end. The game would be extremely engrossing, with many new things to explore. The concepts of open-world and scan animals would be compelling for game lovers. It would be quite difficult and obstacle-rich at the initial stage. Once you start playing it with dedication, then it will be the best game ever. The game comes sixth societal emotions that make it quite unique and interesting.



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