How Long Does Dip Nails Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Dip Nails Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Weeks

The world of makeup keeps developing every day, pleasing and satisfying more men and women every day with their techniques to beautify the looks. There are multiple reasons why people want and use make-up every day. Make-up helps a person modify their outer appearances and make them feel confident and sure about themselves. Make-up is all about correcting and altering the areas of a person’s outward appearance, that will help them feel more secure.

This field, along with the field of cosmetics employs over a hundred people and it assists other fields like entertainment, to help the actors and actresses get the look they want for a certain movie or drama, or even for their whole lives. While some makeovers can be permanent, some can be temporary and superficial. There are over thousands of products that can be used for makeup, and one of the most popular ones, loved by all is nail polish.

Dip nails, a type of manicure, is very much preferred because they last longer than any other type of manicure, for about a month if taken care of properly.

How Long Does Dip Nails Last?

With good care1 month
Without care2 weeks
On average3 weeks

Manicure and pedicure have become a trend in recent times, and there are many ways one can get the nails painted. There are many colors, types of nail polish, and manicures to choose from. One of the long-lasting types of manicures is “dip nails”.The other types can be acrylics and gels. One can choose to paint their nails all by themselves in their home or let someone else paint. On the other hand, professionals, who want their manicures to be perfect, visit the salons and get their nails done.

Dip nails are one of the hottest trends and it is somewhere between acrylic and gel nails. There are all sorts of colors available for this type of manicure and many professionals choose dip nails because they look very classy and pretty, and most importantly, they last long. Dip nails save a lot of money because once they are done, the next appointment will be after a month to get them back.

Once the dip nails are done, it is advised against removing them using normal nail polish removers at home. It is better to go to the salon and get them removed if the nails start growing beyond the manicured stage. The process is quite similar to removing gel polish off the nails. First, the polish will be filed down and then the polish will be removed using acetone.

Why Does Dip Nails Last That Long?

First, any sort of residual nail polish on the nails will be removed. Then, the nails will be shaped and filed, cuticles will be pushed back, and these steps are similar to that of any standard manicure. Some oils and any sort of residue that will make the manicure last shorter will be removed clean. A base coat will be applied, which is clear and the nail will be prepared for a manicure. Though the base looks similar, it is different from the ones used in standard manicures.

Pigmented powders for dip nail colors can be chosen from a wide variety of colors, and the nails will be dipped into the powder. After the base coat is dried, the manicurist will brush the nail color, which is dip nail color powder, on the nail directly. This will maintain the sanitary conditions. Excess dip nail powder will be brushed off and another layer of the base coat will be applied. This process will be repeated, at least twice, until the nails obtain an opaque color.


When the customer is satisfied with the color consistency and whole outlook, a clear powder and a coat of sealant will be applied. The nails will be filed down to get an even look, and this will smoothen and flat out the nails. Then the hands will be washed, and the nails will get their topcoat, and there is no UV or LED lights required.

When taken good care of, dip nails can last for about 2 weeks to a month, and if not taken care of, they will last for at least 2 weeks. They don’t chip up much, so the nails will require a redo when the nails start growing again. It is also possible to paint over the dip nails, with a color that gives a good outlook, if necessary.


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