How Long Is Ice Cream Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 Months

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts. The production of Ice cream has developed a whole new industry. With the passing years, the demand for this dessert keeps on increasing; ice cream also has a rich history, the production of ice cream is almost 300 years old dessert. Ice cream has been in the market even before the invention of the refrigerator. As many new ice cream brands are coming up every day, the innovation of new flavors is also shining in the market. Every ice cream brand has its recipes, and with different ice cream flavors, their expired dates on the packaging are also varying.

How Long Is Ice Cream Good For

How Long Is Ice Cream Good For?

Packed 2-3 Months
Opened 1-2 Months

Ice cream is probably that one Frozen dessert that is popular amongst all generations. Each pack of ice cream comes with its own “best before” date; usually, You can still eat the ice cream sometime after it’s best before date as it is an estimated time by which ice cream will remain in its best quality, which does not mean that you can not use it after that.
After opening the pack, you should keep ice cream in the freezer (cold) only, ice cream remains tasty for an average time of 2 to 3 months if not opened and will give the same fresh test, but once you open the packaging, then ice cream will be good for 1 to 2 months approximately. Eating Ice cream after 2 to 3 months is risky as it gets contaminated. And can lead to food-borne disease.
If ice cream is homemade, then the best before date can be known by the ingredients used to make it. We can say that the Ice cream will last Just as the first expiring ingredient from the recipe.
Keeping the ice cream cold is the most important thing to keep it fresh. Ice cream, kept at room temperature (40° F to 140° F), melts quickly; 0°F or colder is a favorable temperature for ice cream.

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Why Is An Ice-cream Good For That Long?

As ice cream is a frozen dessert, one of the parameters affecting the condition of ice cream is temperature; The optimum temperature of -18°c or colder, which keeps the ice cream in solid form. After opening the pack, if not directly put back into the freezer, it can also affect the test and quality of ice cream.
The test of ice cream can also show whether it is in good condition or not. Although it is hard to detect a slight change in a test of ice cream, that change can mean the growth of bacteria.

It happens when kept at room temperature for long, as bacterias grow faster at room temperature; compared to cold temperatures.
Even re-freezing the ice cream, which has already melted, can also affect its test and quality. The ice crystals on the surface of the ice cream show its bed quality. The Creamy texture of ice cream turns into an ice crystal, which is a sign of its poor quality.

Eating poor-quality ice cream can cause some serious, food-related illnesses.
The preparation method and ingredients used also affect the life of ice cream. Especially the quality of homemade ice cream highly depends on the used ingredients and the recipe. In the case of manufactured ice cream, various chemicals, and the making techniques determine the quality of ice cream.


The average shelf life of ice Cream is 2 to 3 months. for a good quality of any ice cream, the optimum condition like temperature and packaging is very important; Ice cream should always be kept in cold condition otherwise it can get contaminated; eating contaminated ice cream can raise health problems.
Even though ice cream remains good for approximately 2 months; but keeping in mind the process of making and ingredients used, each and every ice cream can have its own shelf life. And it is advised to not eat the ice cream which is far due the best before date.

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