How Long Is Law School (And Why)?

How Long Is Law School (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 years (Approximately)

The image of the court is set in our minds that is a court with a judge and lawyers trying to prove their side. A court is a place where legal trials take place, the court decides what really happened and what should be done about it.

The set of rules, principles created by the state institutions and authorities, which apply to its people is the law. Law is important to govern the behavior of its people according to social norms. Law is important to manage peace in our society and solve disputes between individuals. Law schools are the schools where students are given legal education.

How Long Is A Law School

How Long Is Law School?

Law schools are the schools or institutions where the students are specialized in legal education. Students aspiring to become lawyers get into law schools. There are many reasons for people aspiring to become a lawyer. Some of the reasons are – people wanting to bring positive changes in society, prestige, financial rewards, or intellectual stimulation.

Law schools in India are nearly 3 years long. Law school is the final phase of a law degree. Becoming a lawyer is a long process and does not happen overnight. It requires the students to be focused, honest with what they learn and do, and be alert.

There are various steps involved in becoming a lawyer. The first thing is to decide that you want to be a lawyer that is be determined. Then one must have a bachelor’s degree. 

After the bachelor’s degree next step is to clear the LSAT that is the Law School Admission Test which needs to be cleared in order to get into a good law school.

After clearing the test one can get into a good law school which is nearly 3 years long and also depends on the pace of the student that how long it takes for him to clear the law school. However, law schools don’t depend on the pace of the student. Students are required to increase their pace and work hard.

Law School
How long is a law school in Time
India3 years
United States3 years
Russia4 to 5 years
Integrated courses5 years

Why Is Law School So Long?

The time required to become a lawyer is long as there are various stages involved. The period required to clear LSAT and the then three years in law school, all this takes time as well as requires patience but the result is always fruitful.

Three years in law school are not easy. It requires you to put in all the effort and think out of the box. It requires that the students read, comprehend, apply different logical processes and analyze more quickly than before.

First-year in law schools is teaching from casebooks nearly 1000 to 1500 pages and contains mostly the cases. Initially, it might appear a bit complicated and confusing because the language used is not something familiar to the incoming law students. Although later it seems familiar to law students. In the first year, the results are prepared based on a single exam that covers the entire semester.

Law School

Till the second year, students get used to the hectic schedule and timetable. However, they get the freedom to attend classes based on their interests. Many students choose to complete a clerkship with the judge or any law firm which gives them practical legal experience even some get permanent employment.  

Third-year is the most important year for the students at law school. This is the year when students work hard and shape their future as they want. This is the time for them to start their career in the field they wanted and achieve great heights.


Students opting for the law stream should be determined and focused as in their first only they are expected to be prepared for every lesson taught in advance. They could be asked any time in between to stand up and have a discussion on the given topic. Hard work always pays off so if you have decided to get into a law school then go for it and don’t look back.  


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