How Long Is Wonder Woman (And Why)?

How Long Is Wonder Woman (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 hours 21 minutes

Movies are still one of the finest forms of entertainment ever known to mankind, among many others. Since the era of men began, many forms of entertainment were created, like drama, music, games, and films. First, when movies were shot, they were created black and white and were shot with cameras that were not that well developed. Yet, nowadays, the movies created are some of the best, and the visuals are very clear.

Many things are vital to the success of a movie, like the visuals, the sound effects, the actors and actresses, and much more. Some movies are even created as sequels and prequels when the movie is really good and requires a movie following the first one when the first movie created is a cliff-hanger. Among of hundreds of movies made under the same series and merchandise, with continuous storylines. One such movie, which was an epic blockbuster is Wonder Woman.

The running time of Wonder Woman was roughly around 2 hours 21 minutes, without any breaks. Even for this movie, according to sources, there will be a sequel shot for this movie, with the title of Wonder Woman 1984, with a running time of about 2 hours 21 minutes. The movie was released on December 16, 2020.

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How Long Is Wonder Woman?

Total running time141 minutes
Released in2017

Wonder Woman is a superhero movie that was based on a character from the DC comics. The name of the movie is the name of one of the most popular characters of DC comics and the protagonist of the movie itself, Wonder Woman. The trailer of the movie is available on YouTube and the movie was U/A certified. The movie is now available on various online platforms, like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and many other online websites.

The movie was liked by more than 85% of the people who watched the film, and the release date of the movie was June 2, 2017, and was first released in the USA. The director of the movie was Patty Jenkins, and the movie collected total revenue of around 82.23 crores in US dollars. The movie was given a rating of 7.4 out of 10 from IMDb, 93% from Rotten Tomatoes, and 76% from Metacritic. The music director of the movie was Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Another interesting fact about the movie is that it was nominated for many awards and it even won some like the Top Ten Films Of The Year (of 2017), Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie, and it was the runner-up in many other categories. The movie was distributed by Warner Bros and produced along with RatPac-Dune Entertainment, DC films, Atlas Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films, Tencent Pictures, and Wanda Pictures.

Why Is Wonder Woman That Long?

In the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman was the fourth film shot. There are many main characters in this film, and the main protagonist is Wonder Woman, otherwise also called Diana of Themyscira. The other main characters in the film include parts played by renowned actors, like Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, and many others.

The movie was shot all around the world, in cities like Paris, Italy, and London. Many new actors were introduced in this film and since it is a superhero film, there was a lot of graphics and animation involved. The visuals of the movie were wonderful and the story of the movie itself is very captivating. The movie mainly focuses on Wonder Woman and her adventures, while Gal Gadot plays her part perfectly.


First, before becoming the Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot as Diana, the princess of Amazon. The Amazonians were trained to be fearless warriors, yet Diana was forbidden to train by her mother, the queen. Diana was raised on a sheltered island of parasites and there, accidentally, she meets an American pilot, Steve, played by Chris Pine. He tells her all about the wars and conflicts going on in the outside world and Diana becomes determined that she can put an end to it.

She leaves her home, fights alongside men, and helps them end the war, meanwhile discovering her powers and destiny along the way. The whole story runs for a length of about 141 minutes.


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