How Long to Beat Nier – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 hours

If you are looking for an incredible action-role playing video game, then look no further Nier will grant you what you want. This game was published by Square Enix by developed Cavia for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



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Nier was first released in Japan as Nier Gestalt for Xbox 360, and its alternative version known as Nier Replicant was released for PlayStation 3. A version entailing both versions was released for PlayStation Vita; however, it was discontinued in March of 2011.

Nier is a spin-off from the Drankengard series, and it continues with the ending of the first game. In today’s article, we shall go through how long to beat Nier and why.

How Long to Beat Nier

How long to beat Nier?

Nier revolves around the battle between machines with human beings driven out of plant earth by mechanical beings from a different planet.

Beating this game is a bit challenging; however, once you understand how to move around the game, you are guaranteed a minimum of 20 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay to conquer Nier’s main storyline.

When it comes to beating Nier’s main storyline along with all the available sidequest, you are assured 61 hours of gameplay upon 100% completion.

Why does it take long to conquer Nier?

Unlike most action role-playing games, Nier features a short main story, which makes it ideal for individuals who love games with short main stories.

Just like any game, beating Nier will highly depend on your gameplay. Therefore, when playing through the main story, you are guaranteed a minimum of 20 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay.

However, when playing both the main story and all the available sidequests, you are guaranteed a minimum of 61 hours of gameplay upon 100% completion.

What you should know about Nier

  • You will be okay when you make it to the save point the first: One of the hardest sections when playing Nier is its beginning. Here you are thrown into a series of aerial fights.
  • You will have to fly through narrow corridors: these corridors will destroy you when you come into contact with them. Furthermore, you will have to learn the rope of melee combat and take down your first boss.
  • The basic function, along with power-ups is a tradeoff: The character skill will come as plug-in chips if your character is an android. Every chip will take a specific amount of space, including the ones marking your primary objective on the map and instructing you on what to do.
  • Playing as a color-blind: When playing and your android is low on health, visibility becomes monochromatic, and a pixilation that indicates the system is failing.
  • Creating a shopping list: You can read your weapons story at any given time at the Intel section. However, learning about materials that you will require to upgrade your weapons will require you to be at the right shop.

This is essential as well when it comes to improving your vital Pod companion robot.


If you love action video games with the main storyline that has short gameplay, then Nier will be the perfect game for you. This game features an incredible storyline that is difficult to conquer.

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