How Long Is Pharmacy School (And Why)?

How Long Is Pharmacy School (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 to 6 years

Some careers don’t require any sort of educational qualification while some certainly do. Without the right qualification and training, large, small and even developing companies will not hire the employee. This is because, while some jobs require at least the minimum qualification even to become a maintenance employee, many responsible jobs in the world require certain skills to get through even a single day.

One of the most responsible fields in the whole world in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. To become a doctor, one must complete medical school, pass the degree, and get certified by the medical board. Similarly, to become a pharmacist or work in the pharmaceutical industry at any position that contributes to the growth and invention of pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to mean a doctorate in pharmacy. There are courses and types of programs available for one to choose from and the salary one gets after completing this is high enough.

Usually, it takes about four tears to complete pharmacy school, and some people even extend the years to six or seven and that is based on the type of program they choose. There are also factors in play that change the duration taken to complete pharmacy school.

How Long Is Pharmacy School

How Long Is Pharmacy School?

Doctor of Pharmacy degree program4 years
Residency program (Optional)1 or 2 years
Total duration4 to 6 years

Pharmacy schools all around the world accept approximately 83% of the total applicants and the pay per annum for anybody who competed for a degree in pharmacy is relatively high. The field of pharmacy is very much desired nowadays because of the high level of acceptance rates and the salary potential. Many people don’t aim for a doctorate in pharmacy while they are in high school, but after completing their schooling, many people choose the field of pharmacy for its availability for careers right after graduation.

People who completed their bachelor’s degree in life sciences also sometimes concentrate on building a career in the pharmaceutical field. Another main reason why people choose pharmacy is because of the time it takes to complete. Just after getting the degree in pharmacy within four to six years, one can immediately join the workforce and strive forth to achieve their goals. After completing the degree, one must become a licensed pharmacist to start working somewhere, and this applies to all the countries including the USA, France, and Canada.

The main requirements that anybody requires to become a registered pharmacist is an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, and it is better if from a reputed and recognized university. To attain the master of pharmacy degree, MPharm, it takes about four to six years.

Why Is Pharmacy School That Long?

The doctor of pharmacy the completion of the degree in an accredited college of pharmacy and most of the students applying for a doctorate in pharmacy already have an undergraduate degree in pharmacy or any other course that is related and helpful to the pharmacy. When they do so, it takes about four years to complete the doctorate. Although, if one chooses to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy without completing the two to three years in undergraduate, they can enroll themselves into a six-year accelerated program.

Most people complete undergraduate first to get a better footing at the course and their career. After that, one must complete the entire course in the college of pharmacy, better if reputed, and start their residency or internship program for about one to two years. Hence in total, it takes about four to six years to complete the entire course and become a registered pharmacist.


Some people choose to work in hospitals while some setup pharmacies or work in reputed pharmaceutical companies. Before that, to become a registered pharmacist, it is not only important to complete the degree. One must also submit the total number of working hours under a registered pharmacist and sometimes even an oral and written examination will be conducted before allowing license.

The exams are normally conducted by the national examining board and it is necessary to complete the number of working hours. The subjects taught in the degree, the syllabus, the type of residency and internship program, and even the complete nature of the entire course can depend based on the country one chooses to pursue their doctorate of pharmacy in.


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