How Long Was George Washington President (And Why)?

How Long Was George Washington President (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight Years

If things are to be in a smooth motion, there must be someone to look over if everything is happening correctly. It is the same in regards to a nation. A nation or a country has millions of people who are the rightful citizens of that country. But that does not mean that they don’t need any governing authority.

Governing authority is necessary to keep everything in order. That is why we have a government that makes rules that the citizens need to abide by. It is the government that has laid the constitution and makes sure that we follow it. To keep track of a nation’s smooth working, a leader has to be there. The leader in every country is a President who wins when people come forward and vote for them.

How Long Was George Washington President

How Long Was George Washington President?

Almost every country today is an Independent and Democratic nation. In a democracy, citizens of that country choose their leader, also called a President. A President gets elected among several candidates. Then whichever candidate’s campaign is most appropriate becomes the president.

It is a rule that a President has their position for more than three or more years in any country. The period for which a person acts as a President is called “Term.” The term of being a President may vary from country to country. Some have four, some have five, and some even more.

As far as America gets considered, one presidentship term in the United States of America is four years. A president is supposed to serve the country for at least for years. The term is so long so that the president can make a change. The change and impact that they promise. 

It also happens that due to their work, people re-elect the same candidate for the next term. In the US, a President can only serve two consecutive terms. That is, the maximum time a president can be in office continuously is Eight years.

Even the founding father and the first president of the US, George Washington, served only Eights years as a President. Apart from being a President, George Washington is known to have served in other roles too.

PositionsServed For
PresidentEight Years
Commander In Chief of the Continental ArmyEight Years
14th ChancellorEleven Years

Why Was George Washington President For So Long?

George Washington was the first president to serve in the US. He was also the founding father who helped in putting the constitution in place. However, even after being such a talented president, George Washington stepped down from power. He let others become Presidents. There was a reason behind George Washington giving up the position while being the founding father.

The reasons why George Washing stepped down from being a president is as follows:

  • It was his personal choice that he wanted to retire from presidentship. He wanted to pursue other interests at that time. He wanted to give up the position as a president after the first term itself. But, he had to continue as he got re-elected by the majority of votes.
  • Another reason why George Washington gave up the position is fear. He had the fear that he did not want to die while he was serving as a President. The reason for that fear was also he did not want to perceive the term will last till death. If that had happened, no new President would get elected, and that won’t leave too much progress.

During his second term, a law had been put into motion that a single term, will only be there be four years. It also got decided that a president can serve only two terms.


Leading a nation being a decision-maker is a big responsibility on one’s shoulders. A single decision of a President can impact in both good and bad ways. That is why people choose their leaders carefully.

However, if a single person is left to lead, it would stagnate the progress since there will not be new changes. New changes are required so that a nation can become even better in every field and sector.

Re-elections are how a nation can find a better leader with better ideologies.


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