How Long Is The ISAT (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Hours

ISAT stands for International Student Admission Test. It is a computer-based multiple-choice exam designed to select a particular student for admission by accessing their skills and abilities. It is mandatory for every student appearing for admission to any college/university.

ISAT is independently developed by the Australian Council For Education Research (ACER). First, ISAT was only made for domestic admission of students, but later on, it became an International ability test. ISAT decides whether a student has the potential to admit to an Australian university or not.

It is a flexible examination like anyone can appear this test at any time. No set dates are there for this test. When someone proceeds for the registration, they may choose a venue, date, and time for the testing.

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How Long Is The ISAT?

IsatThree hours
Average time by topperTwo to two and a half hours

ISAT is a multiple-choice tea. If a student has the ability and skills, they can complete the exam within 2 hours. ISAT selects the best students for the particular university.

In this examination, the correct answers count as a total of 3 marks, and one wrong answer has 1 mark of minus marking, that is why it is one of the toughest exams. Its total mark is 200, so if a student scores 150, then their percentage will be 75, so the particular student appearing ISAT should try harder to score at least 180 marks to get 90℅.

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All the best university has an average cut-off of 85℅-90℅. Although it contains only MCQs it is more difficult than any other MCQ-based examination.

There are two parts of the ISAT test, one is critical reasoning, and another one is quantitative reasoning, both consist of 100 marks each. The main purpose of ISAT is to access the ability of a student in a range of cross-curricular abilities. It takes more time than another qualification exam.

By this test, we’ll come to know that we’re heading towards a good university or not. Generally, the ISAT registration starts between November -December, but it depends on the particular university, vacancy form.

Why ISAT Takes So Long?

It has two parts, each consisting of 100 marks. That is why it takes at least 3 hours for completion of the test. ISAT test is a little bit harder because it only contains multiple-choice questions which may confuse the students and takes quite more time.

ISAT consists of a total of 100 questions that are designed in such a way that the person or student attending it will have to apply logical reasoning. Along with logical reasoning, the student has to focus on interpretation skills and reading pace. Students have to decipher the graphical representation of the question.

It does not provide a book for preparation. Therefore, a student should claim to coach for their best preparation. Students should note that ACER does not endorse any commercially available courses ascertaining to offer ISAT preparation.

Examinations like ISAT have only MCQs based question papers in which students get more confused and lose faith in themselves. Entrance exam like ISAT has no particular subject, so they have a specific subject for which students appears this test i.e. medicine, dentistry, etc.

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Students appearing ISAT should be confidential and have faith in themselves. It’ll not only test your ability and skill, but It also has a look at your reasoning assumes. The one who is an ace in reasoning can score better than most of the students out there in the field. Focusing on the same is the wisest decision to crack the exam.


Probably, The ISAT test is quite difficult but if someone tries harder and practice more effectively he/she can pass the ISAT easily. Students preparing for ISAT could take coaching after passing the 12th standard. There shouldn’t be any casualties by appearing on this examination because these tests decide whether you’re capable for the university or not.

The person giving these tests should be careful and prepared properly. There shouldn’t be any silly mistake, as one wrong answer counts one minus marking.

The learner should have proper reasoning ability for giving tests like ISAT. Students should take tutoring for giving ISAT exams and should have enough confidence, by this any learner can easily pass the test.



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