How Long Is The MCAT (And Why)?

How Long Is The MCAT (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 hours 27 minutes.

MCAT is one of the lengthiest and time-consuming tests you would have ever given. Not only the lengthiest, but MCAT will also be one of the toughest tests. MCAT test is also considered as the foundation of the medical application for medical students. MCAT test would influence the premedical courses significantly. People that score good marks in MCAT will always stand out in the applications (courses). The test is prepared and scheduled in such a manner to make you stand under pressure. The test will help you become capable of solving many difficult problems while staying under pressure.

How Long Is The MCAT

How Long is the MCAT?

MCAT examination sectionsTime lengthTotal time coverage
Test day certification4 minutes4 minutes
Tutorial (not compulsory, optional)10 minutes14 minutes

Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Sciences95 minutes

1 hour and 49 minutes

Break (optional)10 minutes

1 hour and 59 minutes

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills90 minutes3 hours and 29 minutes

Mid-exam break (optional)

30 minutes

3 hours and 59 minutes

Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems95 minutes

5 hours and 34 minutes

Break (optional)10 minutes

5 hours and 44 minutes

Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior95 minutes

7 hours and 19 minutes

Void question3 minutes

7 hours and 22 minutes

End-of-day survey (optional)5 minutes

7 hours and 27 minutes

The MCAT is very time taking, as it expects you to sit for a long time. This test will help you use your mind continuously for hours together. The MCAT test will encourage your mental ability to work under high pressure to solve high-level questions. MCAT test time coverage would be different depending on the two types of MCAT tests. These are:

Mcat test without breaks

Mcat test with breaks

In the case of the MCAT test (without breaks), the time coverage for solving the test will be a little less, as compared to the MCAT test with breaks. Cracking MCAT test (with breaks), the time required will be a maximum of 7 hours and 27 minutes. There are also some optional sections added to the test that will come with the MCAT test with breaks. This will increase the time period for solving the whole content.

People will complete the MCAT test in 6 hours and 15 minutes if the test is without breaks. The MCAT test without breaks also excludes the optional sections. The test (MCAT) is always completed in one whole day.

Why Is The MCAT So Long?

The MCAT test is supposed to be given on the computer, therefore you have to go through a certain process. The student appearing for the test would have to show enough patience to cover all the phases of the test. The student who will be capable of showing mental ability, patience, and intelligence will crack the MCAT with a very good score. MCAT is longer, as compared to many other tests. The main reason behind making MCAT this long is to scrutinize the student on all the aspects that would be required for the upcoming courses.

The MCAT test is both long and tough to appear. The test focuses on various reasoning, biological science, and critical analysis aspects. MCAT test includes psychological and social aspects with biochemical foundations. The test takes more time, as it gives break to the students. It’s not easy for the students to sit for 7 hours without breaks, therefore the test allows them for few minutes break in between the test.         

You have to go through many parts of the MCAT test, as the test is all about reasoning and critical skill utilization. The test also covers the biological aspects in both chemical and physical aspects. You will also be facing some void questions that would take a maximum of 3-4 minutes.

You will have to reach the center in 40 minutes with all the required documents. If by any chance you don’t reach before the expected time, then you may not be allowed to give the test. Following all the rules is vital while appearing MCAT test.


MCAT test will improve your patience and ability to use your mind for a long time constantly. MCAT test is one of the toughest exams and affects your medical application in a huge manner. The MCAT test will be fun and effective to test your talent and intelligence. The MCAT test will encourage your skills and would develop your confidence. People should be prepared mentally for the MCAT test, as mental ability is extremely vital for cracking the MCAT test.


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