How Long Is Wrestlemania 35 (And Why)?

How Long Is Wrestlemania 35 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 Hours 24 Minutes

To deal with the daily monotonous life, people look at other mediums of entertainment. This entertainment can include music shows, movies, or even sports and gaming. When it comes to sports, there are a lot of sports that are played. Be it mainstream sports like football or cricket or not-so-mainstream sport like wrestling.

Even these sports have become a way of earning for many. Many sports these days are being played on professional levels. People bet on the most promising candidate and look to win. That happens in the world of wrestling too. It has been played professionally for more than decades now.

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How Long Is Wrestlemania 35?

Wrestling is a combat sport. The origins of these sports date way back to thousands of years ago. In wrestling, combat is done by various techniques like clinch fighting, pinning down, and more. It is an event that goes on about 5 to 6 hours at a stretch

It was in the year 1952 that a brand WWE came into the limelight and brought wrestling. They introduced wrestling as a form of entertainment and earning. WWE is world-famous for the type of sports entertainment it has been providing the masses. The wrestling which happens on WWE may not be completely legitimate, but it claims to be entertainment-based performances.

As s part of their means to increase popularity, WWE came up with the concept of Wrestlemania. It is a professional event that is pay-per-view based. It is liked by many people, as they get to place wagers on the wrestlers of their choice.

Wrestlemania 35 happened in the year 2019. Wrestlemania is conducted annually, and the one in 2019 was the 35th Wrestlemania. The 35th Wrestlemania was held on April 7, 2019. It was held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and saw a massive attendance of about 82,265 entries.

The whole Wrestlemania was divided into three parts. There was the pre-show, the preliminary matches, and the main event. In the pre-show kickoff of Wrestlemania 35, four matches got held. There was a total of sixteen matches, and the rest of the matches were planned in the remaining two segments.

There were other inclusions also in the event apart from the wrestling matches. Altogether, it took 5 hours 24 minutes to finish the whole event.

SegmentsTime Taken
Main Match Timings2 Hour 26 Minutes
Pre-match1 Hour 38 Minutes
Post-match27 Minutes
Miscellaneous53 Minutes

Why Was Wrestlemania 35 That Long?

When there is a competition, it takes time to decide the best contender. Often, many competitors compete in the competition, and the best of these winners then compete with each other. There are different levels like pre-matches, semi-finals, and finals that eventually decide a winner. The journey of finding a winner can take a lot of time sometimes.

Even in Wrestlemania 35, it took about five and a half hours to complete the event and decide on a winner. There are many reasons behind it, and they are as follows:

  • There were about 16 matches that constituted the whole event. The timing for a single match can last from anywhere between a minute to even half an hour. In Wrestlemania 35, 8 out of the 12 main matches lasted for more than 10 minutes. Three matches even spanned beyond 20 minutes. The extended single match timing extended the overall timing, and hence the Wrestlemania lasted so long.
  • Apart from the matches, other things like organizing the matches also take some time. A few minutes also go into the pre-match and the post-match segment to plan out and initiate the match and keep scores. 
  • There is also time after a match ends and before the next one begins that is counted. Considering all the factors, Wrestlemania 35 is recorded to be the longest-running event in the history of Wrestlemania.


There have been almost 87 Wrestlemania events so far, but Wrestlemania 35 is known to have some of the highest records. The records are in terms of match timing and the overall event timings.

Wrestlemania 35 has been quite a success considering the turnout. It also was famous for the fact that it featured the first-ever woman wrestling matches. It featured a triple threat match between Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Backy Lynch.


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