How Long Should A Car Battery Last (And Why)?

How Long Should A Car Battery Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Between 3 To 5 Years

In the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in our lifestyle. Change is a part of life, and it is a continuous process. All people should accept it and move forward with this.

From the past 50 years, a new revolution has begun in the transportation sector. Modifications and changes help us to make us more productive. That’s why now all people can do their work, like go to the office or any other place in time.

Now, most of the population of the world use cars for transportation. As cars are used by most people, then knowing about their functioning parts is also very much essential. 

Knowing about the battery is necessary for people who have a car.

How Long Should A Car Battery Last

How Long Should A Car Battery Last?

Car battery expiry periodBetween 3 to 5 years
Car battery’s expiry on extreme use (including driving more on off-road tracks)Between 2.5 to 3 years

As all know that for the electrical system in a car, a battery is the most essential component. It can last up to three years to five years. There are a lot of factors that can affect its lifetime.

Temperature, surrounding conditions of the battery, and some other factors affect it. The five-year life doesn’t mean that the battery suddenly stops working right at five years, or it can’t stop before five years. It also depends on its quality, if quality material is used in the battery, then it is capable for the long run.

In the market, various types of batteries are available with various ranges. Some of them have the range between six to eight, while others have between four to six years. Due to the continuous use of the battery, its power gradually decreases, it is the reason that a person should keep in mind the battery life.

Everyone knows that the working efficiency of batteries after five years will not be the same as when they were first manufactured. Most of the owners of the car, making the biggest mistake about their battery is simple to neglect. People start thinking about their battery when they face difficulty starting the car.

Many people even believe that their battery life is infinite, so they don’t worry about it even if their vehicle is under eight years or more. At last, the conclusion comes here is that not forever.  If the owner takes proper care, then it may run for ten years.

Why Should A Car Battery Last That Long?

In the condition of the battery, the environment also plays an important role. The car battery life adversely affects by humidity, extreme heat, cold, etc. In the area of heat, regular checking of the cars is required.

In between cooler and warmer climates, it seems that batteries last longer in cooler climates as compared to warmer. That’s why the people of cold areas get longer battery life as compared to the warmer area. The best policy is to consider your climate and accordingly take action.

A device called a battery load tester is best for testing the battery life. It helps the user know more things regarding the battery like whether the battery is charged or not, all the terminals on the battery are functional, and the quantity of charge present in the battery. Although these answers are not always accurate, it is still better than other devices.

Another device called a voltmeter or even a multi-battery load tester is used to determine the amount of charge left in the battery. There are two types of battery testers available, digital and analog battery load testers. The digital battery tester is more accurate, that is why many people use it rather than analog.


Some guidelines should be followed by the people while using a battery tester. Clean the terminals of the battery, check any external damage, hold the probes of the tester for less than fifteen seconds. Always conscious of damaged terminals, because it can cause a short circuit.

Some precautions should be followed. To give an example, don’t bring metal in contact with the batteries. This includes jewelry, metal tools, etc. It is because all the known metals are good conductors of electricity, so anyone can get an electric shock.


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