How Long To Charge Car Battery (And Why)?

How Long To Charge Car Battery (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Maximum 24 hours

Cars are one of the best inventions that has happened to Mankind. The mode of transport has evolved a lot since the beginning. We saw a breakthrough when cars got invented. The technology got adapted from the earlier transport modes, but the additions got many appreciations.

A car gets made of many components, and each part is equally necessary for the proper functioning of the car. 

One of the necessary components is the car battery. You have to keep it in a healthy condition. Otherwise, there are going to be problems with the car.

How Long To Charge Car Battery

How Long To Charge Car Battery?

Mechanical pieces of equipment are supposed to see a lot of wear and tear. The same is the case with cars, which get used every day. 

Hence, that is the reason why it is prone to many wear and tear. Many parts of the cars become prone to having problems. Since you do not see these parts every day, you do not happen to think of it much unless it starts giving you problems.

Something similar happens to the Car battery. After each drive, the car battery drains because of the usage. When the battery starts draining, it might not be that significant. However, it still drains little by little. If you do not keep a check, it can drain out completely. You will not be able to operate your car properly if the car battery drains out completely.

In such cases, it becomes imminent that you charge the battery soon. It is not easy to charge up a dead car battery, but not impossible. You can charge up your battery with a few quick and simple steps.

How long a car battery takes to charge up depends on a lot of factors. However, on average, you can charge it in a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. Although, it depends upon the car battery and the charger.

These factors majorly determine how long it takes to charge the battery of any car. If the power output is low, it will take longer to charge your car battery and vice-versa.

Charger CapacityCharging Time
40 Amp Charger30 min to an hour
20 Amp Charger3 to 4 hours
10 Amp Charger4 to 6 hours
4 Amp Charger12 to 24 hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Charge A Car Battery?

Charging a car battery is an essential activity that every car owner has to do. It is only for your car’s well-being and is imminent so that you can drive the car without glitches.

To charge a car battery effectively, you first need to know what ampere your battery supports. Based on which you select the power charger and then start charging. It will take a maximum of 24 hours for the car battery to get fully charged. In rare cases, it also takes up to 48 hours to charge a car battery.

Below are some reasons why it takes so long to charge a car battery:

  • The charger type is an imminent factor that will define how much time it will take to change your car battery. The higher amp power the charger has, the faster it will help to charge the car battery. But if the charger has a low power amp, for example – 4 amp or less, then it will take 24 to 48 hours to charge the battery completely. 
  • The other factor can be the condition of the battery. If the quality of the car battery is deteriorating, then it will take more time. In this case, the battery will also drain faster.


You can charge your car battery at regular intervals to avoid problems. If you are not planning to keep it charged, you need to keep checking if it is working fine or if charging is required or not. It will help you see if any possible problems might arise soon.

Especially in cases where you are supposed to drive long-distance, it is always advisable that you check the charging status of the car battery beforehand to avoid any problems resulting in emergencies.


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