How Long Does A Car Battery Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Car Battery Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 to 6 years

Everything on this earth requires maintenance, may it be the human body or may it be a machine. With the advancement in the automobile industry, modern-day cars have many more advanced systems than earlier.

Digital aspects of cars have grown significantly, like the advancement in dashboard infotainment systems. Car batteries run these. Car batteries are one of the most significant parts of a vehicle that needs good maintenance In a particular period every time. They provide power to different systems of the car, including the head and tail lamps.

Batteries deteriorate as time passes by. The car’s engine gets started because of a storm, so without it, a vehicle cannot even move an inch. Proper maintenance of batteries extends the life of batteries in many cases, but still, it gets deteriorated after a particular period.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last

How Long Does A Car Battery Last?

Type of BatteryBattery Life
Lithium Ion Battery8-12 years
AGM Battery5-7 years
Lead acid Battery3-6 years

The estimated period during which car batteries may get fully deteriorated is three to six years. But it’s not the time during which all batteries of every car will get out of power. It varies from one car to another and depends highly on its usage pattern.

Driving frequently for long distances through rough terrains may deteriorate battery more due to high heat generation. Lack of proper maintenance is the key reason behind why most batteries get out of power even before time.

Colder temperatures may help the car battery to sustain a longer lifespan than the extreme summers. After all, batteries contain chemicals whose excess heating is not a good thing.

Car Batteries

Another factor that highly affects the battery life is vibration. Extreme roads and rough terrains create high vibrations due to jerking in the car, damaging the battery parts. More rough terrain means more pressure on the vehicle creating high heat generation in the engine, which affects the battery again.

If a car battery reaches nearly three years of usage, it is essential to do a heavy maintenance check. Timespan may vary, but three years is an average time to check the remaining energy in a car battery. Up to five years, it will create some issues, and in best cases, it will reach its sixth year.

Why Does A Car Battery Last So Long?

The car batteries, if left unused for a long time, will deplete their lifeline. The main reason is the car engine has not been turned on for a long time. One may have observed that for colder reasons, if a car was left for even a week without turning it on, the engine takes time to start after the week.

It also happens with a vehicle that was left for a long time in storage or garage. Structural failures may also occur due to changes in temperatures through which a car undergoes. In many cases, loss of electrolyte may create a defect inside the battery compartment.

Another issue appears when the alternator or the charge receiver receives overcharge and boiling and spilling chemicals. It damages the battery ultimately. Cars don’t show a blinking red light on your dashboard when your car battery starts degrading.

Car Batteries

Various issues related to battery-operated controls may malfunction or become slow. If this happens at average temperature, then rush to the garage for a check.

Car batteries come in different types, such as lithium-ion, AGM, lead-acid battery, etc
The life expectancy of your car battery also depends on the types mentioned above. So, better check the battery type before buying a car.


Many people treat cars as their family members. Car lovers take care of their cars in a reasonable manner. But, the people who use their cars as a means of transport to reach office on time or to show-off in front of their neighbor care less about the machine.

Car battery maintenance is a process that must be carried out properly at proper time intervals. Often, the malfunctioning in systems may indicate the deterioration in the battery, which must be given attention quickly. It saves the battery and increases its life span, and indirectly saves your valuable money.


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