How Long Should I Pump (And Why)?

How Long Should I Pump (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 – 20 Minutes Each Side

Pumping is also one of the methods to feed your baby with breast milk. It has some similar benefits to breastfeeding. Pumping makes the feeding procedure easier if they have to handle two babies at a time. Mothers who can give their all-time to children should go for breastfeeding.
But if you are a working lady or you want to opt pumping method, it is ultimately your take. Generally, it requires eight to nine times pumping per day. Each session should be of 10-15 minutes. The feeding call of the baby plays a significant role in it.

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How Long Should I Pump?

Pumping breast milk is one of the ways to supply milk to the baby when their mothers cannot feed them directly. Some women do pumping after breastfeeding their baby to increase the milk supply. Start pumping for the milk supply right after two or three hours when your baby is born.

During the pregnancy stage, the hormones start preparing the breast for producing milk. When the baby is born, progesterone level falls and the breast begins making milk. In the pregnancy phase, the high levels of progesterone stop it from making milk.

The milk takes some minutes to come out while pumping. Wait for five to ten minutes after the milk stops coming out from the breast and pump for another two minutes. It is important to do so to empty the breasts. If your breast is partially filled, it can cause some serious problems like mastitis, inflammation of the breasts.

On average, a woman should pump for at least 15-20 minutes from each breast eight times a day. The longevity of the pumping depends upon the need for a feed. A newly born baby requires more feed. Thus, eight times of pumping in a day are required.

Over time as the baby gets old, the pumping sessions will decrease but it will increase the limit of minutes per session.

Number Of Times In A Day Total Minutes Per Session
8 Times15 minutes per session
6 Times20 minutes per session
4 Times30 minutes per session

Why Should I Pump So Long?

Most of the babies like to have their feed after every two to three hours. Pumping during those intervals will strengthen your milk supply. The milk supply increase over time once the woman does it for the first time. Frequent pumping can increase the stimulation of breast milk.

If you are running out of time, you can opt for a double breast pump. Double breast pumps draw milk from both breasts at a time. It takes less time and gives out quick outcomes. If you are doing a pumping session at your workplace, take out some time to calm your mind from all the workspace pressure.

For effective pumping sessions, it is equally important to use a good quality pump. Go for accurate size of pumping part for the smooth supply of milk. The mothers who are breastfeeding their children can easily opt for pumping as there are no associated risks.

Sometimes you may have to go out for some unavoidable reasons, do short pumping sessions, and store feed for the baby. There are different types of pumps available in the market for pumping treats milk. Manual pumps, Battery-powered pumps, Electric pumps. Go for any type of pump according to your comfort.


Pumping milk from the breast is a mental exercise. Stress and uncertainty in the mental state due to any reasons can affect the milk supply. Having a relaxed mind while pumping will help in the smooth flow of milk. Always begin with the small pumping sessions to feed your child.

The duration pumping session highly depends upon the feeding demand of your child. Try to clear your breast, it will boost up the milk supply. If you are away from your child, pump and store whole day feed for them. In case of any difficulty during the pumping session, consult your doctor.


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