How Long To Run Pool Pump (And Why)?

How Long To Run Pool Pump (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight Hours Per Day

Pool pumps are necessary for anyone who owns a pool or is responsible for the cleanliness of the pool. It is because of the pool pump that water in the pool pump looks and feels proper for swimming. The main objective of having a pool pump installed in a pool is to make sure that the water in the pool is always clean.

The functioning of the pool pump is pretty simple. It first pulls water through a skimmer, then the water that is pulled goes through a filter to get cleaned up. The filter cleans the water. After that, the clean water returns to the pool. The complete process takes time and hence it is essential to keep the pool pump running continuously for a few hours.

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How Long To Run Pool Pump?

For a pool owner, it is necessary to maintain the pool’s cleanliness to enjoy a good swim. To have a clean pool, a pool pump plays an important role. The more important aspect is the period for which the pool pump is to be kept running. 

Many factors are in the play when it comes to the time frame for which the pump will run to keep the pool in the best condition. On average, considering all the aspects, the pool pump needs to run for a minimum of 8 hours per day. It is so that the pool is clean and perfect for use.

The time frame can increase or decrease depending upon the size of the pool too. If the pool is big, the turnover rate for the pool pump could be low. Hence, a big pool needs more time to complete the whole cleaning process via the pool pump.

The time for which the pool pump runs fluctuates because of the pump’s functionality too. The specification of the pump will also play an important role. Apart from this, the speed at which the pump runs will also matter.

SituationThe time for which the pump is to be kept running
Normal WaterEight hours per day
Chemically treated waterMinimum ten hours per day

Why Run Pool Pump For That Long?

The time for which the pool pump needs to run is of high importance. A minimum of eight hours a day is an apt period for which the pool pump should be kept running mandatorily. There are a few reasons for this condition, and they are as follows:

  • The primary reason is the turnover rate. The turnover rate is mostly dependent on the overall configuration of the pool. It also takes into consideration the water that is filled in the pool. Bigger pools will have a bigger turnover rate and will take more pumping time to clean the entire water in the pool. However, even if the turnover rate of a pool pump is average, eight hours is the minimum for which the pool pump should run.
  • Another imminent factor that impacts the time to run the pool pump is the water condition. If it is normal water, eight hours may be sufficient. But, if the water has been chemically treated, it will take more than eight hours, as it takes more time to clean the chemically treated water.
  • The pool pump running time can also increase as per the efficiency of the installed pump. If the pump has a low rpm, it might take more time to pump all the water to and fro from the pool to the pump and then from the pump to the pool.


Although the pool pump needs to be kept running for about eight hours minimum, it is not mandatory to keep the pump running for eight hours consecutively. The whole period can be broken down into chunks as per the choice of the user.

However, eight hours is a standard period as the pool pump can be kept running when the user is away or during the night when there is no use for it. The reason is that the water in the pool needs to pass through the filter at least once a day. Doing this ensures the water remains clean and pure at all times of use.


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