How Long Should You Give Someone Space (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Limitless Space As Long As You Don’t Lose Your Self-respect

In general, the term space has two different kinds of explanations. One type of space can be seen by us where the other type can only be experienced. The first type of space could either be a space or seat which is given for us or, it could be the space or voids in our body parts. It can be seen or touched by your eyes and hands.

But there is the other kind of space which cannot be seen with our eyes or can be touched with our hands. This is the space that is not present physically but is available mentally within us.

How Long Should You Give Someone Space

How Long Should You Give Someone Space?

Their actions and reasonsHow long should you give them space based on their actions?
If the person doesn’t know how to tell you about something3 to 7 days
If they ignore you and you feel they are avoiding youseveral weeks
If they ignore you and also treat bad all the timeDo not give them anymore space and go on with you life

It is okay to decide between right and wrong for someone you love. But always remember that giving relevant space to someone is what helps you maintain a good relationship. What happens if I don’t give space between words wherever it is necessary? You will find it difficult to understand my document or you may even ignore it. This concept of spacing is also applicable to human relationships.

When you don’t give space people may feel uncomfortable and can even become mentally depressed by your acts. They even may ignore you completely which will spontaneously result in broken relationships. You can guide someone, but you cannot decide something for others.

When you decide you will grab the space you should have given for someone. When you give space for someone you will see them grow and learn out of the experience which provides them with good mental health. Giving someone the space they require is what makes you a wise and mature individual in the eyes of society.

Now the question arises in our minds of how long one should give space to someone. The answer is that you cannot set a certain limit of how long you should give space. In short, there is no exact period of how long the space for someone should be provided. Whatever may be your relationship with someone be, as long as you don’t lose your self-respect you can give them limitless space.

Why Should You Give Someone Limitless Space As Long As You Don’t Lose Your Self-respect?

Let me give you an elaborated interpretation of what I was speaking in the introduction. Hope this interpretation may help you understand why giving space to someone is more significant than anything in a relationship. Think of a situation of sharing a seat in a bus with another man or woman like you. What if you don’t have enough space to sit? How do you feel? I hope you will feel a little unsophisticated, so do I.

Here I present you another situation to show you the importance of space. Imagine that you are going along with your pals for a dinner where you had grilled whole turkey, juicy pork, and red wine. I believe that you will eat more and more which makes it pretty sure that there is no space left in your small stomach. Now how do you feel? I hope you will feel nauseous or, at least a bit dizzy or, you may even vomit.

What I am about to say is you feel embarrassed here, you lose your comfort. When u don’t have enough space in a bus or your stomach you are unable to accept it, so what happens when there is no space given to you mentally. You feel unsophisticated, not just that you will gradually become a mentally disturbed person as you don’t get your mental space.

You may feel depressed and may lose your ability to think and act. So giving someone space as much as they need is more significant than any other precious stones as it is one of the major keys for better mental health and for maintaining good relationships.


Giving someone space is essential than any other thing in this world to establish a cheerful atmosphere. When you provide space you will have more good relations that would follow it. But when you don’t give someone enough space it may lead to the loss of your loved ones without any doubt.

People may feel unpleasant or depressed with your grabbing of their space which will result in their leaving your life forever. If you need someone to have a good relationship with you, you must provide them with enough space so that they may not get irritated with you to maintain your relationship.


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