How Long After Nurofen Can You Give Calpol (And Why)?

How Long After Nurofen Can You Give Calpol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 5-6 hours

Nurofen is mainly prescribed to cure pain, swelling, stiffness, menstrual pain, muscle aches, common cold, arthritis, etc. It belongs to the group of medications that are most commonly known as NSAIDs. This group of medications shows their effect by inhibiting the production of the substance which is responsible for the health condition. It is prescribed to be consumed as tablets and solution i.e. drops and liquids. The mode of consumption depends on the age of the person who is being administered.

For children belonging to the age group of 0-13 years, they are prescribed to consume the liquid solution orally once every 5-6 hours to elevate pain. For infants, the droplet form is prescribed to be used. Adults can take the tablet form which is proven to be the most effective of all.

How Long After Nurofen Can You Give Calpol

How Long After Nurofen Can You Give Calpol?

Age Of The ChildTime
0-7 years6 hrs.
7-13 years8 hrs.

Adults show to consume Nurofen with proper consultation with the doctor. Persons who take it for curing arthritis can take it 2-3 times a day. Other individuals who take it for reducing pain should take it within the time gap of 4-6 hours. Nurofen should be consumed as directed by the instructions mentioned on the label. Neither the number nor the dosage of consumption should be changed. One should talk to the doctor to understand any part of instructions that they are unable to understand.

While prescribed as a pain killer, it is advised to use Nurofen without any supplementing medication. But, when it is to be used for other medical conditions, then one should consume it along with the prescriptions provided by the doctor. While consuming the tablet form, people should keep in mind that it is not to be chewed or broken down into smaller forms in the mouth. It should be swallowed at one go. When this medication is being administered to children, the instructions should be checked twice to thrice.

When administered in the form of solutions, the liquid should be shaken properly to spread the composition evenly. The amount of suspension to be consumed should be measured accurately in a measuring cup before being consumed. However, if the patient develops some other unwanted symptoms after the administration of the medicine, then the doctor should be consulted immediately along with the stoppage of the medication.


Before taking this medication, the patient should inform the doctor about his underlying health problems which may pose a possible threat to the health after administration. The underlying conditions like asthma, health problems should also be kept in mind. One should take this medicine as and when directed. Excess consumption should be avoided lest there may be chances of complications and other health problems.

Why Should You Wait So Long To Give Calpol After Nurofen?

Misuse of the medication leads to other side effects and withdrawal symptoms. The most commonly found side effects include diarrhea, drowsiness, ringing sensation in ears, constipation, bloating, and nervousness. Sometimes, the side effects may be severe such as an abnormal increase in weight, swelling of the throat, hands, facial parts, itching, fever, breathlessness, and formation of blisters. Discoloration of urine and stool, back pain, eye problems, paleness of the skin, redness of the eyes, mental instability are the other severe symptoms that should be cured immediately on being detected.

Another such medicine that is similar in function to this is known as Calpol. It is the basic form of paracetamol but in a small dosage which is mainly prescribed to cure fever, pain headache, and other body pain problems in children. It is to be consumed orally either in the form of tablets or in the form of syrup. Infants have mainly been prescribed the syrup type of dosage while children who have developed the capacity to eat and drink are mainly prescribed to consume the tablet form of the medication.

The strength of the medication along with its dosage should be prescribed by the doctor keeping in mind the age of the child. The fast-melting versions of the medication are prescribed for children of age group 6-13 years. Infants below the age of 2 months should not be prescribed Calpol as their body may not be able to take the medication. Smaller children are prescribed lower dosages. Children with any kind of problems of liver and kidney and epilepsy should not be prescribed. These medications should not be taken along with other medications which have the potential to thin the blood.


The children should be given only two dosages in a day. More than 2 dosages may lead to other unwanted problems. The parents should wait for at least 6 hours before prescribing another dose. Babies and infants should not be prescribed as they take vaccinations which may interfere with the medication.


Nurofen is completely safe if prescribed along with Calpol. However, it is safest to maintain a minimum time gap of 1-2 hours to avoid chances of complications. Both these medications should be given maintaining the time gap only in situations when the child has a high temperature. If the medications are used together to elevate pain, then the time gap to be maintained should be at least 4-5 hours. However, the medications should not be given if the child has or had had chickenpox and asthma in the near past.

The dosage should be taken with proper precautions as and when directed by the doctor. In cases of children, the dosage and the strength of the dosage should be appropriately advised by the doctor by assessing the child’s condition. Visit the doctor before administering any medication to your child.


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