How Long After Circumcision Can You Give A Baby A Bath (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Days

Due to a lot of religious and non-religious reasons, a lot of people get their children circumcised at a very young age. Many people get their newborn circumcised too. Some evidence says that circumcision at a young age is good for male children. However, in the newborn and infants, it is important to take care of hygiene as well.



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And it is not recommended to bathe the baby right after circumcision. So, in such a case, one may wonder when can they bathe their baby after they got the baby circumcised.

How Long After Circumcision Can You Give A Baby A Bath?

When a baby gets circumcised the glans of its penis are exposed. It makes the area very fragile. So it is the responsibility of the adult around them to keep the baby safe. The adult is supposed to take care of the baby’s hygiene while avoiding bathing the baby. It is recommended that till the exposed area starts to heal, one should not bathe their baby. Usually, it takes up to 1 to 2 days for the exposed area of the penis to heal. After that, the baby can be given a bath.

However, for newborns, it is said that they should be given a towel or a sponge bath. Regular bath at an early age is really dangerous for them. Babies are given a sponge bath or towel bath till the umbilical cord comes off.

In a sponge bath, warm water is kept in a basin or a small tub. A soft clean cloth is damped in the warm water, and the body of the baby is cleaned with light hands. One should make sure that water is not too hot or too cold for the baby bath.

In general, the exposed area of the penis after circumcision shows major healing within two days. So after two days, the baby can be given a sponge bath. However, if the exposed part of the penis has not completely healed, then one should wait for a day or two more to bathe the baby.

Bath type Time after Circumcision
Sponge or Towel Bath2 Days
Normal Bath2 to 3 weeks, after the umbilical cord comes off

Why Wait That Long Bathe A Baby After Circumcision?

Due to religious reasons, a lot of people get their babies circumcised. Mostly in Islam and Jews, it is very common to get a baby boy circumcised as it is seen as a good sign in their respective religions.

However, as said before, circumcision leaves the wound exposed on the penis of the baby. So it is dangerous to wash the open or exposed wound on the penis as it could make the baby sick or could cause harm to the baby. Newborns and infants are very fragile so an adult is supposed to take care of them and make sure that nothing would harm them.

So to prevent any harm to the baby it is suggested that one should wait for a day or two so that the exposed wound heals properly. Once, the wound is healed, it is safe to bathe the baby but only sponge baths and towel baths are recommended. As newborns are too young for a proper bath. The water used in towel bathing or sponge bathing should be warm and not too hot or cold. The towel should be soft and clean as well.

Also, one should always consult a doctor to circumcise their baby. Doctors take all the necessary safety measures to prevent any harm to the baby. Other than that, doctors provide proper guidance about the baby bath and other required steps that are needed to be taken by the parents of the baby.


Babies are very fragile. They require intensive care and attention when they are at a young age. When a baby gets circumcised, they require additional care. One is supposed to avoid bathing the baby after circumcision as the wound on the baby’s penis is exposed.

The wound after circumcision takes about 1 or 2 days to heal. After that, it is safe to give the baby a towel or a sponge bath to keep their hygiene. Giving a normal bath or giving a bath right after the circumcision of the baby is harmful to them.


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