How Long to Beat Devil May Cry 5 - (And Why)?

How Long to Beat Devil May Cry 5 – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 hours

Most gamers find themselves wondering how long it takes to complete Devil’s May Cry story mode. Its campaign has several missions where you get to learn a lot about the game while fighting the demon infestation. The game is a bit unusual because it starts with a fight you have no chance of winning making you feel the climax.

You have an option of playing more than one character and if you are a fan of the franchise, then you should know Dante, Nero or V. The first-ever Devil May Cry caught gamers attention because of its gameplay and how you get to kill enemies in a fancy way using guns, swords and a lot of jumping.

How Long to Beat Devil May Cry 5

How Long it takes to beat Devil’s May Cry?

The game has an option of choosing the game’s difficulty settings and it can determine how long you take but most pro gamers reported to have spent about 15 to 18 hours on the highest difficulty mode.

Those who play with the lowest difficulty level have recorded 10 hours of gameplay but to completely finish the game, that is if you are looking to unlock secrets in the game, it will take you about 30 hours

Apart from the prologue, the game has 20 missions for its story campaign and some might take long to finish as the game progresses. As an extensive large game, there are just a couple of spots you could invest some additional hours in getting hidden secrets, so don’t anticipate that all out time should shoot up a lot in case you’re the curious sort.

Without any spoilers, the story is additionally one of the best ones found in the establishment to date. The gameplay is exceptional so that even those that aren’t really fanatics of the conventional style of battle won’t be deserted.

In case you’re simply looking at the game; regardless of whether it’s your first time in the game series or you’re a veteran, make sure you take a glance through guides provided online in the event that you need any assistance.

Why it takes that long to beat the Devil May Cry 5 game?

The reason why it takes that long is because most gamers playing the game prefer to take their time and unlock items for characters while learning the game while looting every room. The difficulty level you play with is vital and can determine how long you’ll take.

You also have to collect items like red orbs so as to upgrade your skills and power so as to have more damage while taking on big bosses with high damage and health bars. After players complete the story mode campaign in Devil May Cry 5, there is something else entirely to see and do. There are several secret tasks that have distinct trials.

Devil May Cry 5’s recess is pretty much in accordance with past games in the franchise, so fanatics of the establishment shouldn’t feel duped. In addition, Capcom has decided to give players a DLC (Bloody Palace) absolutely free in the near future.

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22 thoughts on “How Long to Beat Devil May Cry 5 – (And Why)?”

  1. It’s great to hear that this game offers a substantial amount of content. I enjoy games that provide a lengthy and engaging experience.

    1. Absolutely! The value of a game can often be measured by the time it offers for the price paid. Devil May Cry 5 sounds like a great investment.

  2. The requirement to collect items and orbs for power upgrades seems like a tedious aspect of the game.

    1. That’s true, it could potentially be a monotonous task. However, the rewards of enhanced abilities make it worth the effort.

    2. It adds an element of strategy and resource management, which can be quite engaging if approached with the right mindset.

  3. Avatar of Robinson Evelyn
    Robinson Evelyn

    The game seems very interesting, the time it takes to complete the campaign is worth it for a detailed experience. I’m excited to try it out.

  4. I appreciate the advice to seek out guides online. It’s always helpful to have resources available if needed, especially for a game with complex gameplay.

  5. Avatar of Marshall Teagan
    Marshall Teagan

    I don’t have the patience to invest 30 hours in a game. It should be more concise to hold my interest.

    1. I understand your point, but for those who truly love immersing themselves in the gameplay and storyline, it’s a fulfilling experience.

  6. It’s intriguing to hear that the game offers additional content beyond the story mode. This adds significant replay value.

  7. 30 hours might be a bit lengthy for many, but for the true fans of the genre, it’s likely a welcome duration for an immersive experience.

    1. Absolutely, it’s all about delivering a substantive and memorable gaming journey, which seems to be the case here.

  8. I’m glad to hear that the game doesn’t leave behind longtime fans while also being accessible to newcomers.

    1. Agreed, maintaining the core experience while evolving for modern audiences is a delicate balance that seems to have been achieved here.

  9. The addition of free DLC shows a commitment to the gaming community and enhances the overall value of the game.

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