How Long to Beat Outlast – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 9 hours

Outlast is a horror survival game that was developed as well as published by the Red Barrels. This game revolves around Miles Upshur, who is an investigative journalist.

In this game, Miles carries out an investigation within a psychiatric hospital known as Mount Massive Asylum. The hospital is in a remote area of Lake County, Colorado, within the mountains. This game has grown in popularity among gamers.

However, beating this game will highly depend on your gameplay. For that case, we shall discuss how long to beat outlast and why in today’s article.

How Long to Beat Outlast

How long to beat Outlast?

GameplayTime Taken
Main storyFive hours
Main story plus sidequestsNine hours

As previously mentioned beating this game will highly depend on your gameplay. Beating outlast’s main story will take you a minimum of five hours. However, this game features various sidequests and collectibles.

You are assured a minimum of nine hours upon 100% completion of the game. Despite having a short beating time, the outlast is equipped with various marvelous features, which makes the game more fun to play.

Why does Outlast feature short gameplay?

Outlast was designed to best suit gamers who love playing games with the short main story. Furthermore, this game offers maximum satisfaction to the players since it is equipped with various marvelous features and characters.

Time taken to beat this game will highly depend on how you play. When playing through the main story, you will have a minimum of five hours gameplay and a minimum of nine hours of gameplay upon 100% completion.

What you should know before playing Outlast

If you are a nervous individual, you should consider not playing outlast. This game is regarded as the scariest video game available in the market. Nevertheless, this does not imply it is not a fun or great game.

The central aspect of survival horror game if to scare you, and that’s what Outlast delivers to its audience. The game is equipped with loud scary noises along with sudden movements, which are enough to raise tension and to expect something creepy to happen within any moment.

Other than those scary moments, outlast amazing activities where you be trying to find ways of reusing various tricks in the game. Furthermore, you should note that despite having a few hours of gameplay, beating outlast is quite tricky for most individuals.

Best Outlast activities

Here some few actions you should try and carry out when playing outlast;

  • Battery hunting: When playing outlast, batteries are an essential tool for navigating various significant pitch-black places within the game. The camcorder is entirely relying on batteries. Therefore hunting for batteries is crucial in outlast.
  • Using night vision: Despite that batteries are available throughout the game, conserving your energy is a critical action that you try to practice. Using night-vision will help you save battery life.
  • Running: Outlast features an enormous open area with ample rooms for you to sneak around the enemies. This is a strategy that will allow you to enjoy the exhilarating terror while running for your dear life.

Final verdict

Just like most games, playing both the main story along with the sidequest, will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. For gamers who love scary games, then outlast will perfect for you.

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