How Long Does It Take To Beat Devil May Cry (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Beat Devil May Cry (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 23 missions (Takes Around 40 ½ hours)

Devil May Cry is an adventure and action video game. Which was created by Hideki Kamiya and further developed and published by Capcom. It can be played on 13 different platforms.

This hack and slash video game series is completely focused on the power pack demon hunter Dante. How he fights to combat various demon assaults of Earth.

The gameplay was designed to have so many warfare panoramas. In which players have to keep their strive for the win by crossing tons of attacks along with avoiding damage. By investing time; collecting all the weapons and with new characters, players can grade their skills.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Devil May Cry

How Long Does It Take To Beat Devil May Cry?

Levels PlayedTime Taken
Main Story9hrs 24mins
Main + Extras12hrs 11mins
Completionists41hrs 4mins
All Play Styles11hrs 21mins

Devil May Cry is definitely a strong story plotted game series published by Capcom. The game limelight on Dante, a half-human and half-demon child of his demonic father Sparta and human mother Trish.

The game largely using ferocious challenges and superbly placed adventure. This hack and slash game has extraordinary mechanics and mind-boggling mysteries which is the main key that drags the game so long.

With each installment of the next game and each and every mission, you face the plot get blooming slowly before you and the series gets better and better.

With each mission, the game turns to an unusual style of HUD, combat scenes, difficult puzzles. Your enemy will get stronger and to defeat them you need to upgrade your weapons and power and for that, you have to step over each corner of the game. Each mission is having an unusual style of bosses that will become your huddle, the perfect use of music add reality to your experience and definitely, the graphics are a feast for your eyes. which together along with the story radiates the impact, and much much more.

The difficulty adds some replay-ability, for people who want to experience more challenging experiences than before.
you will get 7 different difficulty level in the game which boost your ability to play the same game but with a different experience each time.

Experiencing the levels of difficulty will create a different vision for the game. Then you stop bothering about the time you’re using to finish the game and started focusing on the joy you will get only on playing the game. It will definitely a pleasurable experience to put yourself as Dante and watch everything that the game demands.

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Devil May Cry?

Skills are the most crucial gadget of a player in this game. Which grades up with time.  And if you want to avail all your skills, keep your weapons and guns fully upgraded, hone your gauges, then you have to spend 40 hours undoubtedly. 

In the beginning, it will eat up your time for sure, but with passing time as your skills get sharper you will wrap up the game. You can complete them quickly too, especially if you just run with one difficult level. But players are there who like to taste all flavoring sides of a game.

There are 7 different Difficulty Levels in Devil May Cry, but only 3 are available directly from the starting in “Devil May Cry”. You can choose any of them according to your ability. With each time enemies will get stronger and ultimately you will face an insane wave of enemies. In the “Heaven or Hell” level enemies will die in a single hit but the twist is that it can also happen with Dante. And in the last and most difficult level “Hell or Hell” enemies can still survive with definitive health but Dante can perish with a single stroke.

There is a mess of replay quality though Devil May Cry has never been one of those games you complete once and are done with. Replaying missions exaggerate and unlock the hub abilities and weapons of the leading character Dante. And once you can unlock, they will serve you till the end. Building the character more powerful can only possible by giving more experience to your character.


No one can applaud the game for the massive doses of special effects that Capcom put in this whole game. The impact of the game is so huge that anyone can ignore its shortcomings at its cost. Whether you like or dislike the game is completely over your personal experiences with the game.

Nonetheless, mature and adult themes loaded in the game. As for its usage of delicate language, sexual themes, raw spirit, and usages of turmoil and bloodshed. But if you really understood the plot and gameplay you rarely bother about these.
The game is a jackpot and full of exploration. Overall, this game is definitely a must-play on every gamer’s list.



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  1. I can’t wait to invest my time and enjoy the storyline of this game. Capcom has always been brilliant in making these kinds of games.

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