How Long To Beat Final Fantasy 7 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 35-40 Hours

Final Fantasy 7 is a role-playing video game that came in 1997. The game was developed by Square primarily for the PlayStation console. The game is the 7th series of Final Fantasy. The game is a single-player game that works with the help of role-playing. Final Fantasy 7 is a violent yet engaging game.

Final Fantasy 7 can now be played on different platforms like PlayStation, Windows, IOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The game revolves around the main character Cloud Strife and his struggles to win the game. He works against the megacorporation making his way out to protect the planet by winning quests and competitions against the rival.

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How Long To Beat Final Fantasy 7?

Main Story36 Hours
Main+ Extras51 Hours
Completionist84 Hours
All Styles50 Hours

The duration to beat final fantasy 7 depends on the mode in which you are playing the game. The modes can vary from different type to type. The least amount of time taken to play the game is 36 hours if you follow the main story. Adding extras to the main story can increase the time by 1 hour approx. The all styles game can take up to 40 hours to get completed.

Final Fantasy 7 was initially introduced on January 31 in 1997. The game revolves around the main character clod strife who is a merchant and joins an eco-terrorist organization. The main motive of Cloud strife is to stop the world from a controlling megacorporation that uses the planet’s essence as energy resources. Cloud and his allies chase Sephiroth who is a former member of the megacorporation and seeks to destroy the planet.

On his journey, to protect the world Cloud Strife comes in terms with a number of people from out of the world who try to build a base to protect the environment one of which was Aerith Gainsborough who has the secret of saving the world. The game also offers three modes in which the game can be played: the world map, the field, and the battle screen. These three different zones give a chance for the protagonist to explore the world.

Final Fantasy 7 offers a new base to explore the whole ground on the 3D world map. This offers a better view and playing strategies. The player can interact with the environment, towns, buildings, mountains, deserts, water bodies, and ruins and can explore the field on his feet or through vehicles. This helps the cloud to form an interactive base and include more people in its ally.

Why Does It Take This Long To Beat Final Fantsy 7?

Beating final fantasy 7 can take time because the game is an interactive one and it takes time for other players to interact and finish the game. The game can open into the battlefield many times. Adding to the time, the players can enter the battle screen where they have to fight the enemy.

The damage or the healing from the fight is displayed on the screen. Hitpoints, magic tricks, time gauges all play an important role in determining the success of the character. The character can fire a command when the screen has a time gauge that is full. The commands can change with the progress of the game.

When the player is not in the battle mode, they can use the menu screen that helps them in reviewing the character’s status, equipment and in saving the game. The character can then change its equipment or introduce new spells, commands, upgrades, and many more.


Final Fantasy 7 is a video role-playing game. It can take up to 50 hours to beat the game. This is because the game can enter into the battlefield and if the player loses the game ends. The game has different modes to explore and gain weapons and magic spells. Final Fantasy 7 can be beaten after exploring the whole place and making allies to conquer the megacorporation and stop them from taking the world’s essence.


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