How Long Is Final Fantasy 7 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 35-70 Hours

Final Fantasy 7 is a role-playing game that was developed for the PlayStation console. The game revolves around Cloud Strife who is a merchant. Cloud strife joins the eco-terrorist organization to the world-controlling mega corporation from using the life essence on earth as an energy resource. A series of events results in the cloud in pursuit of Sephiroth who is trying to destroy the planet with his evil plans.



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Cloud goes on a journey discovering the deep secrets that would save the world. He also ends up sharing those secrets with his close friends. Cloud and his allies go on an adventure where they fight, put forward their view, and even make strategic plans to save the world from the enemies. The game is the seventh sequel of final fantasy. The game final fantasy 7 is played in a single-player mode and is based on role-playing.

How Long Is Final Fantasy 7

How Long Is Final Fantasy 7?

Main story37 Hours
All PlayStyles53 Hours
Completionists87 Hours

The game Final Fantasy 7 is a long game and can take up to 37 hours to complete. With all the planning and secret its takes time for a single player to complete the game fully. The new final fantasy 7 has a new wide range of realistic presentations and more widespread science fiction elements. The game is wider with more levels and the introduction of more elements.

The game, however, at first experienced a lot of difficulties. But after some time the production rolled up making the game full-motion video and introducing 3D graphics. There are also a series of other presentation programs. The game features three maps: the world map, the field, and the battle screen. The players can experience the whole world on a much larger world map. The world map compromises presentations of towns, environments, and ruins.

There are also natural barriers like mountains, deserts, and water bodies that have been given a realistic aspect. The player at first has to discover the whole place on his foot but with time, he gets a special vehicle to see the whole place. In the field mode, the player can visit the whole area on a scaled version. This helps them to get a better view of the target. The battle screen is made to have a battle with weapons, armor, and accessories. The players can also interact with other characters and explore the environment as the story advances.

Why Is Final Fantasy 7 This Long?

Final Fantasy 7 consists of three different worlds. The players have to explore all the world to have a better assessment of the game and win from their enemies. While exploring they meet new people, interact with the natural barriers and follow the path of secrets. This process takes time for a single-player and hence the game is this long. The collection and new discoveries of weapons are what make it interesting.

The field mode also gives a chance to the players to go and shop and live in inns. The players can buy/sell weapons, armors, and accessories. Resting at an inn or hotel helps the players to restore the hit and mana points. The abnormalities during the battle are also cured there. In random instances, the game puts the player on a battlefield.

The battlefield puts the hero and the evil on two different sides. This also paves way for the characters to exchange moves until one of the sides is defeated. The players have to use the collected weapons and secrets here in order to make a win. The commands and the inputs also change with the progress of the time that makes the game even more interesting. If the player gets defeated, then the game gets over.


Final Fantasy 7 is a role-playing single-player game. The game can take a long time to evolve. The players have to go and discover the three worlds to find the game and hence many times it gets really time-consuming. Once the player losses a game they have to play again from the start. Completion of the full game can take up to 35 hours in total depending upon the speed and accuracy of the players. Choosing the right weapons, magic spells, and words is really important.



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