How Long To Boil Cabbage (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 minutes

Cabbage is a healthy and nutritious food. It is highly rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, fiber, and folate. Cabbage is grouped into the lettuce family because it may lookalike but belongs to the Cruciferous genus of vegetables, which includes broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. If you are trying to improve your diet, cruciferous vegetables are good to start with.

This vegetable is grown in different parts of the world for ages such as China, India, Russia, and South Korea. Cabbage is eaten in many ways in different parts of the world. Variety of dishes such as sauerkraut in German, a fermented product made from the cabbage as a pickle, and for spicier kimchi is a traditional Korean dish. You can also use the whole leaves as a heart-healthy substitute for tortillas and sandwich bread.

Boiling cabbage is the best way to cook cabbage because it maintains the nutrients and texture of the vegetable. Cabbage is a flexible vegetable and also because it can be made in different ways. Such as you can steam, sauté, boil, stir-fry, and bake it. But what’s the best way to cook the cabbage? On the stove or with an oven. Keep reading to see how long to boil cabbage.

How Long To Boil Cabbage

How Long To Boil Cabbage?

Cabbage is easy to cook vegetable with a nice taste. The taste of Cabbage will increase if cooked for an adequate time. Generally, cabbage takes 25-30 minutes to boil.

Most cabbage vendors recommend microwaving cabbage for about 20-25 minutes. The reason is that the microwave heats it so fast that it heats up without caramelizing and losing its natural sweetness. But microwaving cabbage has several negative effects. It destroys its beneficial enzymes, which can cause damage to your body. It dilutes its shelf- life.

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One of the most important constraints to cooking a vegetable is to choose the right candidate. To check whether the cabbage you selected is fresh and eatable, keep in mind that the leaves of the cabbage should be green and the leaf flap shouldn’t be weak. The weight of cabbage should also be kept in mind before buying one as one pound is equal to and no larger than a softball.

It is best to use fresh cabbage for boiling. This will add to taste and give nutrition to the cabbage. Grab a pot and add 250ml of water and once the water attained the right temperature, it starts to boil. Add the sliced cabbage and one tablespoon of salt for taste. Don’t forget to cover the top for fast boiling. Let the cabbage simmer for about 15 minutes and after 15 minutes, lift the lid and stir the contents of the pot and continue to simmer for another 15 minutes. Add black pepper and sunflower oil to it.

Once the cabbage becomes sufficiently soft, remove the boiled cabbage out of the pot onto a plate and garnish with coriander.

Method Of Cooking CabbageTime Taken
Boiling25-30 minutes
Oven baking 25 minutes
Roasted40 minutes

Why Boil Cabbage For So Long?

To get the cabbage to be boiled evenly without getting them overcooked, the cabbage should be cooked in medium flame. One should boil them for at least 25-30 minutes. If one boils it for more than 30 minutes as this will result in overcooked and result in limp, pasty cabbage and will start to release an unpleasant smell and if boiled for lesser than 20 minutes it will not turn out as per choice.

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Boiling is one of the easiest and fastest methods of boiling cabbage. Boiled cabbage is great for a simple side dish or an easy meatless dinner combined with potatoes. For a meatier version, just add some bacon or other seasonings to the mix.

It’s a task of keeping a consistent eye and remaining attention when cooking cabbage. In the case of boiling, adding water with measurement is disregarded because they hold minor importance regarding the recipe.

The ultimate tip to make the cabbage light fried is to add sunflower oil to it. Moreover, the particular oil holds the qualities of reducing cholesterol levels, improving the function of the heart, improving the heart system and inflammation.


Time is one of the key aspects when it comes to boiling cabbage. One of the basic and prominent benefits of boiled cabbage is it is easy to make and involves not even the slightest bit of hassle with the right amount of care and attention. Buying the right cabbage that is fresh will further enhance its taste.



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