How Long To Cook A Prime Rib (And Why)?

How Long To Cook A Prime Rib (And Why)?

Exact Answer : 35 minutes per 1 Lbs (Approx)

Holidays are time with family gathering and occasions of food. Mouthwatering juicy roasted with divine flavoring crust of tender meat, is everything that satisfies your hunger desire to eat.The perfect slice of piece provided in special menus of restaurant, taste delicious but expensive to dine every time.

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How Long To Cook A Prime Rib

How Long To Cook A Prime Rib?

Prime rib or standing rib of beef is represented as a classical cuisine roasted with the bone. It totally depends on the type of meat and temperature to cook it nicely. It is best cooked on a slow and low heat by using an oven. The preparation of cooking a prime rib is followed by preheating the oven at 500°F. The prime rib is first cooked at 500°F for 15 minutes and then under lower temperature to 325° F of the oven, it is cooked for 10-15 minutes.

Cooking prime rib under lower temperature, can be altered depending on the choice of preference of doneness. Under the lower temperature, for a rare prime rib 10-12 min per pound is required which gives cool red center and for a medium-rare prime rib 13-14 min for red, warm center or 14-15 min per pound for medium-well prime rib which gives pink center.

While cooking Prime rib, checking the temperature to reach an internal desired temperature, insert a meat thermometer to the thickest part of the rib. This will help to prevent overcooked roast of the prime rib. The duration of cooking may vary strongly on temperature, humidity, and the amount of meat in pounds taken.

PreferenceInternal TemperatureTime for Low Temperature
Rare110ºF 10-12 minutes
Medium-Rare120ºF13-14 minutes
Medium-Well140ºF14-15 minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Cook A Prime Rib?

Depending on the size of your prime rib and temperature, cooking time varies. The length of time to cook depends on the type of prime rib preference. Traditionally, prime rib is cooked by starting with a very high temperature of the oven to sear the exterior and then lowering the temperature to gently cook it through to the inside. So the heat is penetrating the meat slowly and the temperature inside the oven is so hot which cooks the outer layer with a nice medium-rare pinkness extending from edge to edge. The more fat and connective tissues, the more time it takes to cook a prime rib. If it is cooked in the correct time duration, the collagen will become moist and succulent.

Lowering the temperature and slow cooking breaks down the collagen of the rib and melts it, giving a nice and juicy texture. It also softens the connective tissues and makes them edible. High and dry heat creates delicious browning in the outer layer of tender cut with connective tissue to the surface. By the time, when the connective tissue is becoming edible, the muscle has completely overcooked. Before craving, it is important to let the prime roast sit for around 15 minutes. The sitting time holds the juice and flavors. The roast will still cook, because the internal temperature will rise another 10 degrees.


To cook a prime rib, it is important to choose the right method. The two basic methods are dry direct heat (e.g., roasting, grilling and searing) and moist indirect heat (e.g., steaming, boiling and braising). If the meat is tough when it is raw, it needs moist and direct heat to tenderize and if the meat is soft when it is raw, then it needs dry direct heat to make it tender and delicious. It is better to cook prime rib at high temperature for 15-20 minutes, and then lower the temperature for around 3-15 minutes. Therefore,the ideal time per pound is 30-35 min.


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