How Long To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven At 350 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 to 27 Minutes 

Pork tenderloin is otherwise called pork fillet or pork steak. In countries like the United States and the Netherlands, pork tenderloin is sold as a processed food that will already be flavored. Pork tenderloin goes the best with sandwiches.  

A thin slice of it is added with other vegetables. A pork tenderloin needs to be cooked carefully, keeping in mind the heating temperature of the oven and the exact time it has to be baked. A variety of dishes can be made from this meat but the process changes according to what you use to bake it i.e oven, slow cooker, grill, etc.  

How Long To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven At 350

How Long To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven At 350?  

Pork tenderloin is often confused with pork loin. The difference between the two is that pork tenderloin is smaller-sized meat that comes from another part of the animal.  

When you are putting the meat in the oven, leave it uncovered. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake the meat for a period of 20 to 27 minutes. Do not take any round-off figures as an estimate to cook the meat and always stick to the prescribed timing as going even a few minutes after that may turn your meat dry.  

If you are using a temperature check to see if your meat has been cooked, insert it and see if the degree shown is 145. If it has not yet reached so much, you need to cook your meat for some more time. It is very easy for the tenderloin to go dry, making it hard for you to eat, which is why you always stick to the recipe given and not working with estimates as we do for other dishes.  

Pork Tenderloin

You have to look and adjust the cooking time based on the size of the meat. The key to finding out if your meat is cooked or not is to wait for a period of 25 minutes and insert the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat which is the hardest and takes the longest time to cook. If the temperature is 145 degrees, you can be sure that the tenderloin is overall well cooked.  

Why Does It Take So Long To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven At 350? 

Pork butt and pork shoulder end up roasted and juicy when you cook them for a long time but that is not the case for pork tenderloin. This meat gets drier and drier, the more you cook it. Unlike the other meat, pork tenderloin is very slim and lean.  

Firstly, you have to cover the meat with foil and roast it for a period of 30 minutes and then repeat the same procedure by removing the foil paper. This lets the meat cook well. 

There are certain steps to be followed before you can begin cooking pork tenderloin. Only if you have these ready can you go ahead with the cooking procedure. First of all, get rid of the sinew that covers the pork because otherwise, it will end up rough and dry when you begin cooking it.  

Cook Pork Tenderloin

As tenderloins are generally tender, they do not take as much time as the other loin does. You should be careful to not get confused between the two and mix up cooking times as one takes longer to cook and the other gets cooked soon.  

Each tenderloin has a different size and thickness which may lead to varied cooking time. The temperature and time will always be the same irrespective of the size but still, take the help of the thermometer to measure if your meat is cooked properly or if it’s just halfway through.  


Pork is a very healthy food as it contains iron and zinc and other vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body to function properly. Fully cooked pork, when taken in moderate amounts, can serve as a portion of diet food. But always remember to not take any food in excess.  

Pork tenderloin falls under unsaturated food, which is considered very beneficial as it improves blood cholesterol levels and stabilizes your heartbeat. Pork is considered to be healthier than chicken or lamb. Pork tenderloin works the best with any cooking method as long as you have got the recipe, cooking time, and the temperature right.  

Pork tenderloin, in general, is a slice of very soft meat. If you cook it for a longer time, the meat may begin to get hard and makes it difficult for you to eat. When dealing with this meat, it is important to not undercook nor overcook it. Follow the instructions and keep the temperatures in mind carefully to not let it go overboard.  


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