How Long To Cook Pizza (And Why)?

How Long To Cook Pizza (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Fifteen To Twenty Minutes

The most favorite food all over the world is – Pizza. No matter where you come from, you will love Pizza. You can have your choice of toppings or crust, but, Pizza is and will remain everyone’s favorite.

There are so many options and combinations available that it is hard to love this Italian cuisine. And what’s not to love, the crust and the toppings are mouth-watering. And let’s not forget the cheese. And if it is a homemade pizza, then it is much more flavourful. Plus, you get the option to customize it while cooking it.

How Long To Cook Pizza

How Long To Cook Pizza?

While cooking, a lot of things happen. The preparation, the actual cooking, the garnishing, everything is a part of the cooking process. And hence cooking takes time and patience. Be it any dish you are cooking, that will surely take time. Some might take more time while you can cook some dishes in just minutes.

If cooking pizza is on your mind, then the good news is it takes not very long to cook it. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for a basic cheese and tomato pizza. The time for cooking can increase or decrease depending on other factors too. But for the basic ones, fifteen minutes is sufficient. If you cook it for fifteen minutes or a minute more, then you will have nicely cooked Pizza for you.

Other than that, if the temperature fluctuates, it can add up to the cooking time. No matter how long it takes, it is vital to cook it properly.

Great cooking is when you prepare the pizza dough well in advance as it will not add up to the cooking time. Since the ingredients of Pizza are standard, it will take the same amount of time each time. A few minutes here and there because of other varied factors, but it won’t take more than twenty-five minutes at any cost. The reason being, you cannot cook Pizza below 375 degrees.

TemperatureCooking Time
375°F20 to 25 minutes
400°F18 to 20 minutes
425°F15 to 20 minutes
450°F15 to 17 minutes
475°F10 to 15 minutes

Why Does It Take So Long To Cook Pizza?

Even if you are cooking a simple dish, it will involve time. It depends upon the complexity of the dish as to how long it will take to cook it. When it comes to Pizza, cooking it for about 25 minutes is sufficient. Why it takes so much time to cook Pizza has many reasons. The reasons are as follow:

  • The first and foremost reason is the temperature at which you are cooking the Pizza. The ideal temperature at which you can cook it is 425 degrees so that it gets cooked evenly. If you cook Pizza at a high temperature, it will get cooked faster. And likewise, if you cook it at a low temperature, it will take more time to cook. However, one should never cook a pizza below 375 degrees. The reason is that the Pizza will not come out too well. 
  • The other reason is the thickness of the crust. Thin crust pizza gets cooked faster. The more thick the Pizza crust will be, the more time it will take to cook it evenly and perfectly. The great thing is, the diameter has no change on the cooking time of the Pizza. It remains the same regardless of the size.
  • The type of cheese that you are using also matters. Some cheese gets cooked way faster than some other cheese types. 
  • Even the toppings can be a factor. Few toppings take longer to cook others. And hence, it will take longer to cook.


When you put in the required time to cook Pizza, then the outcome will be a tasty pizza. It is also necessary that you cook it at the right temperature and the for the right time.

A well-cooked, cheesy, and delicious Pizza is the best thing that can happen to someone. Make sure to pre-heat the oven before putting in the Pizza. It will result in the Pizza getting cooked in the best way.


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