How Long To Cook Brats On Grill (And Why)?

Exact Answer – 20- 25 minutes.

Whenever you are thinking of having your friends over for a get-together, you need everything to be perfect. Especially the food, because the food is what people eventually talk about.

Also, since you would whip up something that everyone eats, going for Brats is a safe option. Food that everyone loves whether it is a child or an adult. But the most important factor is how it’s cooked, it will make or break your great idea of a get-together.

You must cook the brat to the right flavour and texture. And hence it becomes even more important to know how long you should cook it and at what temperature it should be cooked.

How Long To Cook Brats On Grill

How Long To Cook Brats On Grill?

Brats are a common essential for lunch or dinner at various places. Brats are short form for Bratwurst, which is a common breakfast in a lot of households. Bratwurst is a type of German sausage. These sausages are made of different things like veal, beef but mostly of pork.

The word “Bratwurst” is derived from German words – “Brat” meaning finely chopped meat and “wurst” meaning pork. And sometimes it is a blend of beef and pork or veal and pork etc. Depending upon the composition, it takes a certain amount of time to cook brats properly. The time also depends on whether you are frying it or grilling.

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Brats can take somewhere about 20- 25 minutes to get cooked. Another factor that determines the timing that goes into cooking the brats is the temperature. The higher the temperature, the lesser the time and the lower the temperature, the higher the time take to grill the brats.

Temperature Time taken to grill
350 Degrees Fahrenheit20- 25 minutes
400 Degrees Fahrenheit17- 20 minutes
450 Degrees Fahrenheit12 – 14 minutes
Time taken to grill Brats

It is important that if you are going to grill the brats on a high temperature, make sure to keep an eye on the brats so that it does not get burned.

Why It Takes So Long To Cook Brats On Grill?

Any type of food takes some time to prepare. And when it comes to grilling, there are a lot of factors that define why it takes so much time to cook brats on the Grill. There are two major types of grilling, it is as follows:

  • Gas and Propane grill
  • Charcoal Grill

The two types of the grill are also another factor that defines how much time it is going to take for the complete process of grilling of the brats. Apart from this, below are some of the reasons why it takes such a long time.

Thickness Of The Brats

It is a common fact that people love their brats to be juicy, and this can be achieved when the brat is thick enough. But when it comes to cooking, if the brats are thick, then it takes quite a lot of time to get cooked properly. The thicker the brat, the more time it will take.

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Not Pre-Heating The Grill

Preheating your cooking equipment is an absolute necessity as it not only helps in cutting down the actual cooking time but also the food is cooked more properly.

So another reason why it takes so long to cook the brats is that the preheating is not done. Make sure not to skip the part as preheating the grill help you in a better texture of the cooked brats.

Cooking On Low Temperature

Temperature is the key factor that defines the cooking time in any type of cooking. People prefer medium to low temperatures to avoid the burning and overcooking of food.

The lower the temperature, the higher will the be the time it takes to cook the brat on the grill.


So, if you are following all the proper measures to cook the brats on the grill then it will take some time. These timelines may increase because of certain things like the temperature it is being cooked at and the thickness that adds to the cooking time for brats.

So in case you are looking to cut down on the cooking time make sure to preheat the grill and cook it at a medium temperature.



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