How Long To Cook Chicken Wings (And Why)?

How Long To Cook Chicken Wings (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 minutes

Chicken wings are a favorite food item of many people. However, most people don’t know how long to cook chicken wings before serving them. Whether an individual likes them crispy or saucy, there is one thing that is for sure: cooking chicken wings takes time.

Chicken wings are really easy to cook and many people know how hard it is to resist that perfect, crispy exterior. However, after a few attempts, one can surely learn that the traditional way of cooking chicken wings is not the best way. Here is a quick guide on how long to cook chicken wings so one can make the perfect batch every time.

How Long To Cook Chicken Wings

How Long To Cook Chicken Wings?

Chicken WingsDuration
Chicken wings fried in a pan34 Minutes
Chicken wings cooked in an oven40 Minutes

Cooking time and cooking temperature depend on how one likes their chicken wings. The first rule of thumb is that the hot oil should be around 400°F or frying at moderate heat. 

There’s no way of telling how many minutes to cook chicken wings as different ingredients will make them cook differently, but some sort of fry timer will work as an extension such as ‘instant-read thermometer’ will also work. 

Lastly, heavily breaded chicken parts take more time to cook than those with only some flour seasonings and oil added. Remember: white meat cooks quicker than dark meat. Make sure to have the right ingredients for the recipe. This includes chicken wings, salt, pepper, and any seasonings one wants.

Chicken wings can be cooked quickly in a hot oven, or slathered with one’s favorite sauce and slow-cooked on the grill. One needs to cook them for an hour or so at a minimum before they take them off the heat. This is why it is best to cook them in an oven to save time.

Overall, chicken wings are a popular dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways. One can find them on the menu at many restaurants and pubs, or they can make them at home. Chicken wings are also very popular as an appetizer, served as part of a platter with other dishes.

Why Would Cooking Chicken Wings Take So Long?

The chicken will get brown and crispy because of the hot oil it sits in. While chicken is fried with the skin on the fat that leaves it floating makes up 25% of the day’s calories per ounce.

If one fry these wings with no skin on them, without any use of frying oils like vegetable oil, or butter and also removing excess water from them beforehand, then they can be done safely in about 20 minutes.

The primary consideration relating to cooking time is the size of the chicken wing. In general, it takes about 10 minutes per pound of raw weight to cook a chicken wing. A 3-pound-wing will take closer to 30 minutes, while a 12-pound wing could require 1 hour and 50 minutes in a 450°F oven. 

These times don’t include preheating and do not account for whether one is baking them on an open rack or with sauce drip pans underneath so there is some concern over whether they burn on the bottom before they are cooked through on top.

The reason it takes so long to cook chicken wings in this method is that traditionally there isn’t really any way to brown them quickly. Though it cannot be done without adding more fat or constantly turning the pan on the stove which will eventually cause higher levels of oxidation and potentially make other family members mad.

As stated earlier, cooking chicken wings at high heat until done but not too dry can be very challenging due to ovens not always penetrating far enough where wings cook from moisture evaporating.


Cooking chicken wings is a time-consuming process. One needs to marinate the wings for at least 2 hours, and they should be baked for at least 40 minutes. If one wants the wings to be crispy, bake them for an additional 15 minutes after the initial baking period. 

Cooking chicken wings takes a long time because one has to make sure the meat is fully cooked. There are a few products that give the meat a fried flavor. They also need to make sure that the bones are removed before serving, otherwise, it will be very messy. The cooking process can take up to 40 minutes.


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