How Long To Grill Chicken Wings (And Why)?

How Long To Grill Chicken Wings (And Why)?

Exact Time: After 20-25 minutes

One of the most loved recipes of chicken is grilled Chicken wings. It’s not as crisp as the fried ones but yet who cares? Just put the chicken on the burner of the grill and set the temperature of medium heat at 350°F Or 425°F and get started with it. Chicken dishes are always delicious and mouth-watering if cooked and marinated properly. Chicken wings are rich in protein with many therapeutic benefits Present in them.

The variations are present according to the chicken wings size and the type of grill used to grill them. Well everyone has their style of doing it and it’s what makes it more interesting and tastier. Why go out to any fast food shop, when you can do it at home, but it also depends on the places as grilled chicken culture is mostly concentrated in the west like the USA.

How Long To Grill Chicken Wings

How Long To Grill Chicken Wings?

ProcessTime Taken
Time taken to grill chicken wings15-25 minutes
Grill chicken pieces flipping time5 minutes

It depends on the heating temperature at which you are heating the grill for the cooking process. Make sure to properly heat the grill before you put the chicken on the grill. Excess marinade present on the wings could be removed too. The grill should be properly covered during the cooking process. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the chicken, But first, sprinkle the most useful spices and herbs to marinate the wings. Put vegetable oil in the burner grills and then start the process.

Use tongs to check the wings after a few minutes of keeping them on the grill. Some wings may get cooked before time so accordingly use the burner on the grill. The black strides may also appear due to the grills of the burner. You can also use an instant reading thermometer to check the temperature after some time. It will let you know how much the wings are cooked.

While the wings are getting grilled, you can prepare the sauce for the Chicken wings to get dipped in after they come out fresh from the grill. Sauce options vary from person to person so you can decide yourself which sauce suits your taste buds the most with Chicken wings.

Grill Chicken Wings

The sauce option may vary from place to place, country to country as it also depends on the taste of different people. Some may like it a bit sweet, some a bit spicy, and others entirely spicy. Chicken wings were marinated properly and the spices were poured in a better way than even it can be eaten without any sauce. But again it depends on the person.

Why Does It Take So Long To Grill Chicken Wings?

Chicken wings need a slightly crispy texture, not as crispy as those fried chicken but a bit slight. Also, proper heat is required to grill the wings as you are not keeping only one piece on the grill at a time, so to grill them as a whole takes some minutes but will surely gonna make your taste buds satisfied with the explosion of flavors and that slight crispiness.

The preparation of the marinade will take some time for sure, some people also skip that part but there is no legal law regarding cooking stuff, right? So grill it as you wish, just make sure that the flavors get combined properly and the texture remains good. A ziplock bag can also be used to make sure the marinade is perfectly coated all around the Chicken wings before you keep them on the grill.

The actual cooking of the wings under direct heat. The actual cooking will also take some time and in some situations, it reaches 30 minutes also so don’t be in a hurry. Take a chill pill and rest for some minutes, but keep an eye on the burner and swing those chicken wings with tongs to check how much it has got cooked.

Grill Chicken Wings

Cooking vegetables, fishes etc on the grill takes separate time frames according to the process as well as the type of grill. So the process exists in the cooking Of chicken wings or any other chicken dish on the grill. Make sure the wings don’t get overheated otherwise the taste will be horrible. Add some lemon drops to it at the end for sure to get that spicy sour taste combination.


This recipe on average will take time between 15 to 30 minutes but in most cases, it gets cooked in 25 minutes. So do not hurry, prepare the sauce during that time frame or just chill with friends and family. Until the chicken magic arrives on your plate at the dining table or on your lap just try to add more flavors to it so that your summer day gets a perfect food joy.

Chicken dishes always make our vacations as well as leisure times filled with joy. Experimenting with chicken is always interesting as new styles of cooking get discovered sometimes that taste good too.


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