How Long To Cook Corned Beef (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Hours

Eating healthy and nutritious food which are leashed with all the imperative vitamins which are essential for the overall development of a human body is so important in present times and every human should consume those foods. Foods like these are needed to be included in every person’s diet for attaining good physical as well as mental health.

Beef is one of those foods which is rich with all the essential nutrients and proteins essential for the better development of the human body. Beef is in common terms is the flesh of either cow, buffalo, ox, or a bull which is consumed and loved by a majority of people across the globe.

How Long To Cook Corned Beef

How Long To Cook Corned Beef?

Type Total Time
Corned beef and cabbage2 hrs, 35 mins
Cured corned beef3 hrs
Simple corned beef1 hrs, 45 mins

Although every flesh of any certain animals possesses some amount of nutrients and proteins into them which is really good and a kind of requirement for a human body besides any other flesh, beef is a kind of flesh which is obtained from either ox, cow, buffalo or bull and it holds a huge amount of endless numbers of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients into it which really gives a push to the growth of a human body in a better way.

Beef is globally a very common food to be taken by humans, which has become a matter of controversy and disputes regarding the slaughter of cattle. But later on, the law which has been made over the slaughter of cattle stated that a term that encompasses cows, bulls, and oxen only, are greatly varied and not a single state explicitly bans the consumption of beef altogether into its region.

Cook Corned Beef

Corned beef which is also known as salt beef in some parts of the world is just a simplified version of normal beef which simply means that any kind of beef which is salt-cured brisket of beef is known as corned beef. The term corned beef has a way long history with itself as it comes from the treatment of the meat with large rock salt which is grained and also commonly called as “corns” of salt and because of this only it is known as corned beef.

The corned beef is made and consumed in various ways it has various recipes of preparations with endless numbers of spices and tastemakers added to and even sometimes, sugar and spices are also added to corned beef recipes. All these recipes require a lot of time to be fully prepared and because of which it is a bit time-consuming process.

Why Does It Take That Long To Cook Corned Beef?

Corned beef is one of the most loved and best cuisines in many corners of the globe, however, its cooking process is a bit time-consuming as there are various kinds of recipes and ways by which corned beef is prepared and served.

There is another reason that why does it take that long to cook corned beef, it is because corned beef is a much tougher cut of meat as compared to any other meats or flesh, it does take longer to fully cook and it is one of the biggest and prevailing reason because of which the cooking of corned beef is that much time-consuming.

Though corned beef is safe to eat once the internal temperature of the flesh has reached at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit and has left still for about 20 minutes once it has been removed from the heat, as per the recommendations of USDA. Besides the thickness part of the flesh which stands as one the biggest reason that why it consumes that much time while cooking, the way of preparations also plays a big role in that.

Cook Corned Beef

Corned beef is being prepared in endless ways and each way consumes its own time, and one of the recipes of corned beef which consumes the most of the time is Corned beef and cabbage, which takes 2 hrs and 35mins to be prepared and cooked fully. Home-cured corned beef takes a total of 3 hours to be prepared fully. Simple corned beef takes 1 hrs and 45 mins to get fully cooked, so the time-consuming factor depends upon the way how it is being prepared.


Corned beef is one of the most desired cuisines in various parts of the world and people love having it as their cuisine because of its taste and nutritional value which it possesses. There are various ways by which corned beef can be prepared and served which makes the cooking of corned beef a bit time-consuming process. Besides this, corned beef is being loved and served by the endless majority of people in the world for ages.


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