How Long To Cook Lamb (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20-40 Minutes

You can’t call yourself a good cook only when you just know the recipes. This is because knowing the ingredients is not enough when it comes to cooking. You might remember the ingredients and use them in the right quantity as well, but it still won’t come out well if you don’t cook the dish for the right amount of time.

Timing has a big role to play in almost every field. But, when it comes to cooking, its importance increases even more. When you cook something for the perfect amount of time, its taste increases. You get the right texture and flavour in your dish after the right amount of cooking. 

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How Long To Cook Lamb?

Type Of CookingDuration
Medium Rare20-25 Minutes
Medium40 Minutes

When we say cooking time matters a lot, it applies to all types of food and dishes. But, if you are going to cook non-vegetarian food, its significance increases even more. You might be fine with undercooked or overcooked vegetables, but not with overcooked or undercooked meat. 

When you cook meat, you need to make sure that you know the right amount of time for which it should be cooked. The same is the case with lamb as it needs to be cooked perfectly. We know that many people love cooked lamb when it comes to non-vegetarian food. 

No matter what the occasion is, a party is incomplete without cooked lamb. You can cook a lamb in numerous ways. You can grill, cook, roast, and barbecue lamb. You can make lamb legs or go for lamb chops as you wish. But, everything needs to be cooked for the right amount of time.

When you decide to cook lamb, you need to know the exact weight of the meat you are cooking. This is because the time needed to cook lamb depends on the size and weight of the piece you are cooking. If you are cooking 450 grams of lamb, you need to cook it for 20-25 minutes.

Different people like to cook lamb differently. Some people like medium rare, some like it cooked to medium, while some like it well cooked. So, you need to adjust the cooking time as per your choice.

For example, if you like it medium, you need to cook it for 20 minutes more after cooking the lamb for 20 minutes. So, it means it needs to be cooked for a total of 40 minutes.

Why To Cook Lamb For That Long?

Many of you might be thinking about why you need to cook lamb for 20 minutes. Well, it is mainly because of the weight of the lamb you are cooking. You can’t just cook 1 kg of lamb in 20 minutes. It takes time to cook lamb perfectly. So, you will need to cook a lamb piece of 1 kg for more than 1 hour.

The length of time it takes to cook something depends on how well your oven maintains its temperature. When we tested ovens, we discovered that some of them overheat by 30 degrees C above the temperature you set on the dial, which may transform a wonderfully tender joint of lamb into a crispy mess.

When you simply cook a leg of lamb perfectly, it is great on its own. But, you can make it more delicious by adding some herbs and the correct accompaniments. This way your lamb will come out even juicier and tastier.

You can add garlic, rosemary, cumin, black pepper, mustard, and gravy etc. to prepare a mouthwatering lamb. You might come across many people who love slow-cooked lamb. If you haven’t tried it, you should surely do because it gives an even juicy taste and exotic flavour to your cooked lamb.

When you decide to make slow-cooked lamb, you need to cook the lamb on low flame. Moreover, it needs to be cooked for a longer time. When you leave the lamb undercooked, it won’t be soft enough for you to eat.

Moreover, it will be dry and tight. On the other hand, when you cook the lamb for more time, it gets overcooked and loses its texture. This is why you need to cook the lamb for the right amount of time as per the weight to get a juicy flavour and texture.


When you get lamb home to cook at home, you can prepare numerous dishes with it. You can cook lamb in different ways like roasting, slow cooking, grilling, and barbecue as well. It depends on how you like your cooked lamb to be.

Moreover, you can cook your lamb whichever way you want then be it medium rare, medium, or well cooked. The weight of the lamb piece matters a lot while deciding the perfect amount of time to cook it.

It is a good idea to use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the meat while cooking. This way you will be saved from the risk of preparing undercooked or overcooked lamb.


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