How Long Does An Onion Last (And Why)?

How Long Does An Onion Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 3 weeks

Onions are amongst the most important culinary items. They come in a variety of sizes, and colors, with their own set of cooking applications. People like to buy them in abundance since they are a cuisine. However, they frequently go fuzzy or shoot before you can use them.

Onions are a basic item in many cultures, used as a condiment or side dish. Fried, boil, roasted, sauteed, powdery, or consumed raw are all options.

How Long Does An Onion Last

How Long Does An Onion Last?

ConditionsLasts for
Entire onion2 to 3 weeks
Diced onions in the fridge1 week

Onions have are relatively longer storage life. Freshly raw onions may be stored in the pantry for 2–3 weeks, perhaps even longer, if done carefully. This all varies based on how they’re being stored. If you store them for an extended amount of time but rarely use them, it’s a good idea to check on them once a week. Pick the ones that are rotten or are about to go rotten and throw them away so that others don’t take up the virus.

Onions, whether halved or cut into small pieces, also stay for a long time. Generally select fresh, solid onions that are free of sprouts. The onions aren’t newly picked if they have green stems growing on them. Examine the area for brownish, dark, or squishy areas. Onions with bruising or dark stains have a higher chance of spoiling.

If you preserve an onion for an extended time, you may need to remove just a few dry skins until getting to the good part. You may come across a brownish and sticky layer in the center periodically. That is unusual but not uncommon, but all you do to be safe is to eliminate that piece.

The hardness of the flesh is the key sign of how long your onions were preserved since you’re not aware of how long they’ve been stored. If such an onion seems mushy or excessively soft, discard it. Even if the vegetable has black or rotten patches or the fragrance is wrong.

Why Does An Onion Last For So Long?

Since onions have a low water content, they survive longer than other vegetables. To assist preservation, the onions are washed, rinsed, and dried in the good chamber shortly after collecting. It normally takes 40 – 60 days for all of them to be suitable for the conservation and long shipping. It can then be traded or eaten after this method.

Onion storage is very identical to pepper or bulb storage. Air temperature, moisture, and airflow are the three aspects to consider.

  • For the first, a chilly temperature is desirable, thus, a closet or a dark cupboard in the kitchen far out from the stove would suffice. To address the second problem, ensure that the area is dried even if there are no forms of moisture nearby.
  • Ensure the bag in which the onions are stored allows for unrestricted ventilation. If it’s a sealable bag, poke a few holes in it and keep the top intact. Alternatively, move the vegetables to a dish or carton without a covering.

Storing onions in a plastic shopping bag isn’t a smart idea. Avoid stacking many slices of onions over top of one another. Air must be allowed to circulate freely for the onions to remain dried by being in storage.

After you’ve sliced or diced the onions, place them in the refrigerator. Place them in a bag in the freezer or a sealed container to keep them fresh. The vegetables will not draw any more moisture from the outdoors, will not be dried out, and their odor will be retained within the container.


Onions are one of your kitchen’s most versatile ingredients. Storage and handling are essential to ensuring onions last long as necessary. Raw onions should be kept in a cold, moist, darkish, and quite well place. The closet, basement, or garages are all good options.

Onions may provide a variety of health advantages, owing to their high concentration of oxidants and chlorine chemicals. They have been related to a lower risk of cancer, improve insulin sensitivity, and enhanced bone density.


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