How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 4 months (Approximately)

The beard is the facial hair that grows on the person’s jaw, upper lip, cheeks, chin, and neck. A person wanting to grow beards would have wondered that ‘how long does it takes to grow a beard?’.

Beards symbolize male dominance. However, it is people’s personal preference to grow a beard or not. Some of the advantages of having beards are that they prevent the skin from the sun, keep warmer in winter, prevent skin damage, are helpful to people having asthma, etc.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

A full beard can take two to four months to grow. Every 24 hours, facial hairs grow for about 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters. The average growth rate of hairs is about half an inch every month. The period varies depending upon how long that is the length of the beards you want to grow.

How long also depends on various other factors such as genetics, age, ethnicity, alopecia areata, low testosterone level, etc. After shaving, the beards grow in three stages.

Stage 1 is the anagen phase. The anagen phase is called the growth phase and can last from several months to as long as a year. During the anagen phase, the growth of facial hairs is about half an inch per month.

Stage 2 is called the catagen phase. In the catagen phase, hair strands get separated from the follicle. These hair strands then get attached to the skin. During this phase, the blood supply to the hair roots also stops.

The last stage is the telogen phase. The telogen phase involves many processes going on from end to end. New hairs grow, old hairs fall off, and follicles gradually return to the anagen phase and, the cycle again repeats itself.

Size of the beardTime required to grow
half inchesAbout one month
short beardfour to six weeks
full beardtwo to four months
longest beardsix years

Why Does It Take So Long To Grow A Beard?

It can take about two to six months to grow a full beard. The growing of the beards is a natural process and takes its own time for complete growth. Some start getting beards at an early age, while others would have to wait till the mid-20s.

The growth of the beard is affected by various factors. The factors are age, genetics, hormones, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, etc. Age affects the growth of beards, and it may vary from man to man. Some get beards at an early age whereas, others might get a full beard at the age of 30.

Genetics also affects the growth of the beards. Often we observe that the beards of the father and the son are near about the same. This happens because of the genes that are passed from one generation to another. A low level of testosterone does inhibit the growth of beards.

Men from China have comparatively less hair than men belonging to Mediterranian, this is ethnicity. Hence place where we live our lifestyle also affects our day-to-day activities. Various factors could help in improving the growth of the beards.

A proper and balanced diet is necessary. As not only our muscles but hairs also require protein to grow. The hairs are made up of a protein called keratin. Foods items high in Vitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, E, and F, containing iron, zinc, etc are helpful in beards growth.

Taking adequate sleep of about seven to eight hours is also important as hairs increase while the sleep cycle. Exercise is another way to improve the growth of facial hairs. Aerobic exercises are very effective in increasing the growth of the beards as it improves the blood circulation, oxygen, and testosterone level in the body.


The growth of beards is a natural process and it requires it time to grow. It does not happen overnight. Their time of appearance varies from person to person. Some get fast, while others might take time.

Various factors are affecting the growth of the beards in different ways. Some increase the growth while others preventing their growth. A balanced diet and regular exercise help in improving the growth of beards.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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