How Long To Fry Shrimp (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 minutes

Shrimp is one of the most favorite food of many folks. If you love fry shrimps, then you need to know the exact time of frying. The time you have to fry shrimps plays a vital role in increasing the texture of the shrimp. You need to follow the exact frying time of shrimps, as excess frying would affect the taste. Shrimp could be fried in very little time.

It would not take more than 3 to 4 minutes for frying shrimps. There are many things that should be considered before frying shrimps. The type of oil and the utensil you are using to fry shrimps affect how long to fry shrimp. Frying the shrimp properly is important to avoid any taste issues in the shrimp. The shrimps would develop a beautiful color once it starts getting fried correctly.


How Long To Fry Shrimp?

Size Of The ShrimpFrying Time
Jumbo shrimpsUp to 10 minutes
Medium size shrimpsUp to 7 minutes

The time required to fry shrimps is not fixed, as it depends on many factors. The size of the shrimp is one of the most vital conditions. For example, the big-sized shrimp would take more time as compared to the small-sized shrimp.

The big-sized shrimps take more time to get cooked internally. If you cook the shrimps for less time, then it would not be cooked people from inside. To cook the shrimps both externally and internally, it’s vital to cook them for the required time.

The shrimp would start turning golden. Once the shrimp starts turning golden brown (if coated), then you can adjust the frying time.
The size of the shrimp would be lesser as compared to the original size. The jumbo size shrimps would take around 8 minutes. The jumbo-size shrimps take a lot of time to get fried.

The medium-size shrimps would take around 6 to 7 minutes for getting fried correctly. The size of the shrimps would not be the same, so not the time required for frying. People’s frying choice is another huge condition that influences the frying of shrimp. Some people like shallow fry, while others prefer deep fry.

You can deep fry the shrimp within 5 to 8 minutes, as per requirement. Shallow fry may take some time for frying both the side of the shrimp. People use different frying techniques to fry the shrimps in a short time. Many people fry the shrimp in high heat to take less time. It’s not going to support a good shrimp frying process.

You should try frying your shrimps in medium or medium-high heat to fry them internally. The time required for frying plain shrimps and shrimps coated with some ingredients would be different.

Why It Takes This Long To Fry Shrimp?

You can expect the frying of vegetables and shrimp would take the same time. Frying the vegetables would be possible in lesser time, as compared to frying shrimp. The frying of shrimp takes time, as the process is similar but not the texture. You should avoid over-frying the shrimps, as it would not increase the taste.

The shrimps would start floating on the top of the oil once they are done frying properly. You can notice the shrimp would change their colour to pink (if not coated with anything). You can see the colour and texture before deciding the time of trying shrimp. It’s always good to put some salt on the shrimp before frying, as you can’t add salt after the process.

The salt would not go inside the shrimp after the frying process is over.


The time covered for frying shrimp is not fixed, as it depends on the size of shrimp used for frying. You can say the average time required for frying would be between 3 to 10 minutes. Some people fry the shrimp for less than 3 minutes, as it depends on their preferences. Shrimp is seafood, and you have to be careful while cooking or frying any type of seafood.

You should not try grilling the seafood, as it won’t work.



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