How Long To Steam Shrimp (And Why)?

How Long To Steam Shrimp (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 Minutes

Shrimp has elongated bodies they are called decapod crustaceans. They have primarily locomotion for swimming known as Caridea and Dendrobranchita. They have Caridea which is smaller species of the only group of marine spices. The shrimp is similar to the pawn in physical structures. They have stalk-eye swimming crustaceans with a long narrow muscular tail attached to the abdomen.

They have long whiskers called antennae attached to the head region. They swim which the help of swimmerets by padding which is present on the underside of the abdomens. The organisms like crabs and lobster have strong legs for walking, on the other hands’ shrimp have very soft legs that are used for the perching by them.

How Long To Steam Shrimp

How Long To Steam Shrimp?

They are abundant in nature and widespread in water bodies. They are mainly found near the seafloor for feeding on the estuaries, coast sometimes near rivers, and lakes too. To run from the predators they flip from the seafloor to the sediments to save themselves from getting hurt and killed. The lifespan of the shrimp is about one to seven years if not hunted. They get accumulated on large scale mainly during the spawning seasons, as they are solitary.

Shrimp is very important organism in the food chain system. They are very important food for the water organisms like fishes, and whales which balances the ecosystem of the water. The studies says that each and every organisms are a important part of the ecosystem. They have a strong commercial base in the market. The over-capturing of the shrimp can cause huge population damage affecting the food chain, and ecosystem too.

The capturing of the wild shrimp affects the estuaries on a large scale. The size of shrimp ranges from the small size of 2 cm (0.79) to 25cm (9.8 in). The shrimp which are large in size are most used in the commercial sector for consumption and are referred to as prawns in many parts of the world. Shrimp is very famous for the aquaculture business for the cultivation for consumption in the markets of the United States, Japan, Western Europe, and many other countries.

The shrimp are sold frozen in the markets of different countries with different presentations like grading, color, and uniformity. They have good nutrition with high omega-3fatty acids, and with a low level of mercury components in the shrimp. Generally, shrimp is sold as a whole, and its meat is sold in the markets. They have high nutritional contents like high calcium, iodine, protein, and a low amount of food energy. They are a significant source of cholesterol ranging from 122 mg to 251 mg which depends on the method of preparation.

Steam2-3 Minutes
Bake6 Minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Steam Shrimp?

Shrimp is very good for health as it works as antioxidants for your health, and body. These shrimp helps your cells to be strong and avoid cell damage. They are very good for weight loss and advise if you want to shed some of your calories. The antioxidants present in the shrimp have astaxanthin which helps to prevent wrinkles and lessens the effect of sun damage.

The shrimp have special minerals called selenium which is very good for the prevention of certain types of cancer in the body. They are high in cholesterol content which makes them a bit unsafe, and unhealthy for regular consumption which is very harmful to the heart. They have saturated fat in them which rase the cholesterol in the body which is not good or called bad cholesterol.


There are many people who are allergic to shrimp. The shrimp have an unusual smell of ammonia which is a sign of bacterial growth. It is very harmful to the body if consumed on daily basis. There are several methods to prepare shrimp that are boiling, steaming, grilling, broiling, sauteing, and many other methods. They are easily available in all the grocery shops in the frozen packets.


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