How Long To Leave Phone In Rice (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 To 48 Hours

With the advancement of technology, people’s lives are becoming better day by day. It includes the invention of mobile phones, laptops, and many other gadgets, which play a beneficial role in everyone’s life. They provide the means to communicate with family, friends, employees, and indeed every person living across the world.

It is well-known that these gadgets have made people go crazy. Therefore, they can’t stay a minute away from the gadgets. On average, a person spends 3 to 5 hours on their phones a day.

China is the leading smartphone manufacturing country due to the availability of resources required. Behind it, Japan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan come under the leading manufacturers of mobile phones.

How Long To Leave Phone In Rice

How Long To Leave Phone In Rice?

Leaving phone-in riceTwenty-four hours to forty-eight hours
Better transient resultsSeven hours (overnight)

After the introduction of mobile phones, it has changed the way people act, socialize, and entertain themselves. They made easy access to information with a proper internet connection.

However, every person having a phone experiences a heart-stopping moment when it falls into the water. There remains a fifty-fifty chance of getting the phone back in its original condition.

Despite the mobile brand, every phone has some openings and ports in which water can enter, creating damage to the internal parts. Therefore, one must be more careful about this by covering these ports and openings.

When water rushes into the phone, the owner searches for ideas or DIY methods to resolve it. Some suggested methods are putting it under sunlight for a few hours or blow-drying, which will eventually not be a good idea.

Leaving a phone in a container of uncooked rice has been the old traditional way of getting rid of water from its internal parts. It’s not perfect, but it can better be preferred while traveling or having no access to any other methods.

After the phone gets wet, it must be powered off immediately, and all removable parts must be kept aside, such as SIM cards, memory cards, and batteries. They have to be put in a container full of uncooked rice and wait for some time. After a few hours, the phone along with the parts, are to be taken out.

One must properly check whether any grains of rice remain inside the phone before reassembling it. If it exists, it must be removed with a wooden or plastic toothpick.

Why Leave Phone In Rice For That Long?

In the modern world, each person is obsessed with mobile phones as it provides them all the facilities online. It may cause further damage to the health if used for more hours.

Coming to the topic, putting the phone in uncooked rice for absorbing the water or moisture from its internal parts can be a good idea. It must be kept in rice for about 24 to 48 hours for better results.

The amount of time can also be increased for better results, such as overnight. The longer the duration, the better it will revive. The water must not remain inside the phone as it can cause rust.

However, putting the phone in rice to absorb moisture can cause some problems. It would not absorb all the water or moisture, rather small pieces of grains might get stuck inside. It would create further damage and harm the functioning of the phone.

Some people say it is a myth, while some give it a try. Sometimes the phones turn on, even if they are not involved in any of the DIY ideas to revive them.

The easiest and the best way is to take the phone to any highly-trained professional in any local store. They would dry and clean the phone before the water corrodes the internal parts of the phone.


Mobile phones and other gadgets have revolutionized the world quite fast. Everyone is so addicted to their phones that they invest a lot of money in them. However, each phone can get damaged by any means.

If the phone gets wet, putting in rice would be the least effective way of getting the phone revived. It is better advised to drop off the phone at the local mobile store with the professional. They would take care of the phone to make it run again in an effective manner.



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