How Long Does A Person Spend On Their Phone (And Why)?

How Long Does A Person Spend On Their Phone (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At least 5 hours

The world is getting smaller with the use of technology and scientific gadgets. The mobile phone is the greatest and the most helpful gadget discovered ever. The journey of mobile has come from Snake Mania to PUBG in the past few years.

The mobile phone, which was earlier a luxury, has become an integral part of our lives. People roaming in the corridors of the earth can’t imagine a day without the gadget in hand. But now the condition of health is deteriorating due to the excessive use of these kinds of gadgets. People are just too much engrossed in the virtual world. On average, a person spends nearly 5 to 6 hours a day fidgeting with the mobile phone as per the certified surveys.

How Long Does A Person Spend On Their Phone

How Long Does A Person Spend On Their Phone?

Minimum time5 hours
Maximum time7 hours

The world has been very competitive and stressful in the past decade. People are relying more upon the tech. gadgets for their work. The fact is also not false that a gadget like a mobile phone saves plenty of time, shortens the distance between two communicators, and delivers multiple kinds of things. All these were never possible before a decade and now it has been just like a normal thing. The sole purpose of inventing the phone was to talk with someone who stays far away from you.

But with time, there came much more applications of it. Things like sending SMS and MMS, using social sites to know and connect with the world, entertainment stuff like videos and games “etc.”, we’re easily done through a phone. People found it very useful and with the new advantages, got completely lost in the virtual world. Teenagers especially are too engrossed in the screen for long durations at one sitting. Even if everyone knows the side effects, still people find themselves completely impotent to restrict themselves from fidgeting with the mobile.

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Especially because of games and social sites, people are spending most of their time on the phone. Nowadays, even the job-related stuff is taken care of through a phone. Works through a phone are easy and quick to accomplish and hence, everyone finds it friendly and helpful. About more than 32% of our time is spent on a mobile phone in a single day. Without a mobile, the world is immobile.

Why Does A Person Spend So Long On Their Phone?

The modern generation, if considered as a single unit, seems like a decent and honest disciple of the mobile phone. Whichever path the screen shows, the disciple walks in that road with no second thought in mind. With every single day, a new feature pops up to access the phone. Varieties keep coming up and people get restless unless they use all of them. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and a few games have become more important to people in the modern generation than mineral water. 7 out of 10 teenagers are sleeping late in the night due to the long period spent on mobile.

As per a survey, a person may spend 76,500 hours of his life on the phone. That equals 9 years of your life. The number is huge and significant. Mobile also acts as a transit escape from the harsh reality. People in depression or those suffering from heartbreaks find the mobile phone a medium to somehow ease their trauma. It works too and that’s why people get engrossed in the screen for too long.

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From an occasional need, it has turned out to be a compulsive habit now. Even the children under 14 years of age refuse to take meals without watching a youtube video. No doubt that 3 out of 10 students in high school wear specs. Habit is a good servant, but a bad master. Spending time on something too much always hampers life in some or another way. Using mobile isn’t a bad choice, but there has to be a time restriction to avoid unnecessary consequences.


Spending 5 to 6 hours a day on the phone is a huge time and directly or indirectly it affects the human body and life. Another thing to ponder about is 6 hours is the average period found. So it is clear that people are out there using phones more than 8 hours a day. That’s some serious issue. Teenagers playing games are mostly in this group. Games have become the rank 1 entertainment activity for teenagers and that’s why they use phones so much.

Internships are also done through mobile phones which is another reason to use mobile for teenagers. As everything is available with a click, everybody finds mobile the best gift of science to society and that’s obvious too. We just need to keep a track of time and mobile can act as the best gift genuinely for any age group.


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  1. The prevalence of mobile phones in our daily lives demands a nuanced understanding of the associated benefits and drawbacks, particularly in relation to mental and physical well-being.

    1. Absolutely, we should approach mobile phone usage with a balanced perspective, prioritizing our overall health and well-being.

    2. Indeed, fostering conscientious and informed use of mobile phones is essential for promoting a healthy relationship with technology.

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  3. The pervasive nature of mobile phones in modern society necessitates a critical examination of our relationship with this technology and its impact on our lives.

    1. Well said. We must strive to be mindful of the potential consequences of excessive mobile phone use and take proactive steps to address them.

  4. The transformative impact of mobile phones on our daily routines necessitates a thoughtful consideration of their role in our lives and the potential consequences of excessive usage.

    1. Absolutely, finding equilibrium in our relationship with mobile phones is essential for overall well-being.

    2. Well articulated. We must strive to cultivate an intentional and balanced approach to mobile phone use.

  5. The prevalence of mobile phones in our daily routines has both positive and negative implications. Educating ourselves on responsible use is essential.

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  7. The impact of technology on daily life is truly remarkable. It’s amazing how much we rely on mobile phones for so many aspects of our daily activities.

    1. I totally agree, the use of mobile phones has become so integral that it’s almost impossible to live without them.

    2. You’re right, but we should also be aware of the potential health implications of spending too much time on our phones.

  8. While mobile phones have undoubtedly transformed our lives, we must also acknowledge the potential negative effects of excessive usage on our physical and mental health.

  9. The excessive use of mobile phones is a growing concern, especially among the younger generation. Moderation is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Indeed, the addictive nature of mobile phones can pose serious challenges to cultivating healthy habits.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. We need to be mindful of the impact of prolonged phone use on our well-being.

  10. It’s fascinating to see how mobile phones have evolved and integrated so seamlessly into our lives, making everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

    1. Absolutely, the convenience and utility of mobile phones are undeniable, but we should strive for a healthy balance in their use.

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