How Long to Microwave Hot Pocket – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 minutes

Hot pockets are one of the most convenient foods in our culture. It seems so embedded that folks often have their own formula for how these treats should be prepared. Mainly, this is regarding how long it should take to heat up a Hot Pocket.



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Of course, there are variables involved, like wattage of the microwave and whether or not the hot pocket is thawed. Furthermore, it is important to integrate whether the person is heating up one or two Hot Pocket(s) at a time.

For the purpose of this discussion, we will consider how long it should take to heat up one hot pocket that is frozen.

How Long to Microwave Hot Pocket

How Long to Microwave Hot Pocket?

The package instructions advised that a Hot Pocket should be cooked for 2-3 minutes in an 1100 watt microwave. Depending on how crispy you’d like your Hot Pocket, this 2-minute minimum is invalid for most microwaves.

A Hot Pocket should be cooked for >2 minutes. If you prefer a softer Hot Pocket, <2 1/2 minutes should be sufficient to get a perfect warmth. However, if you like a brown glazed treat, you should be sure to cook the Hot Pocket for at least 2:40.

For lower wattage or compact microwaves, this time conversion recommended is 1-3 minutes. My suggestion is that the Hot Pocket should be cooked for >60 seconds. Also, following the same conversion at around 1:20 for a soft delicacy and >1:40 to make it browned.

It should also be considered to remove the Hot Pocket and turn it 180 degrees to ensure that it is cooked througly when using a microwave that doesn’t revolve.

Why It Takes That Long to Microwave Hot Pocket?

I recommend these instructions from years of training! Seriously, it is recommended mainly by the mathematics of wattage and if the product is frozen or not. Variables like this can make or break your lunch. So, it is most important to follow the guidelines posted on the package for handling instructions.

It takes this amount of time based on your preference for crispness as well. If you like yours a little crunchy, it’s easy to burn by cooking max time recommended on the package instructions. However, this rule of thumb is not useful.

You should never cook anything at the max time unless your device is compact or has limited energy. That’s why it is always important to ensure that you turn the Hot Pocket around 180 degrees halfway through the cooking time if you are using these types of devices. It is not recommended to heat up your Hot Pocket with alternative devices like a stove top or oven.

The Hot Pocket is pre-cooked, so this could also cause the hot pocket to be cooked too long or not long enough, with the worst adversion being a burn. These recommendations for cook time are most important to ensure safety when enjoying this delicious treat.

Aside from burns from grabbing a product that is too hot. It is also important to consider convenience with Hot Pockets as not to waste food that is inedible. If you grab an overcooked Hot Pocket, even if it doesn’t burn you, it could be too hard to bite and cause damage to one’s teeth or other adverse side effects.

Whether too hot or too cold, Hot Pockets should be handled with care when cooking, to produce the optimal outcome.

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