How Long Do You Microwave Corn On The Cob (And Why)?

How Long Do You Microwave Corn On The Cob (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 5 Minutes

Corn or maize is a highly nutritious food. It is a vegetable that has kernels enclosed within a husk. The kernels are the most important part of a cob. Countries like the USA, Brazil, China, Argentina, Ukraine, and India produce the highest quantity of corn. Corn contains a lot of starch. But, it does not get fooled by the sugar content in the corn. Some people consider it unhealthy. But, it has a lot of benefits to provide to your body.

There are many varieties of corn in the world. The one you may find grown in the United States may not match the characteristics of the one grown in India. But the perfect snack popcorn always remains the same in all continents. But corn has not only one recipe. Many recipes are made from corn.

How Long Do You Microwave Corn On The Cob

How Long Do You Microwave Corn On The Cob?

Microwave corn on the cob5 minutes 
For 2 ears corn 3 minutes 

The six major types of corn include Sweet corn, Dent corn, flint corn, popcorn, pod corn, and flour corn. Well, the oldest known cultivation of corn dates back to nearly 10,000 years ago in Mexico. Further, different countries produce different types of corn with varied characteristics. However, these six major types are common. The USA is the most famous country when it comes to Corn production as well as consumption.

A sweet meal, corn on the cob, is one of the fastest and easiest processes to cook corn as it takes merely 5 minutes to get it prepared. Place the corn with the cob in the microwave and let it be there for some time. The minimum is 4 minutes. One should make sure to cook it on high. Also, one should make sure to keep the corn without the husk peeled off.

Then take it out after 4 minutes and let it cool down at room temperature. After cooling a bit, it’s now time to peel off the husk. But why don’t we peel it before placing the corn in the microwave? It is because the steam generated inside the microwave cooks the corn on the cob much better inside the husk. 

Microwave Corn

Sometimes it depends on the microwave how much it heats. So, one should adjust the temperature accordingly to prevent overlooking the corn ears. In total, you can sum up the entire time of cooking to 5 minutes. If you cook more than one corn, it will take a few more minutes but not much. 

Why Do You Microwave Corn On The Cob For So Long?

Recipes with corn are always the easiest. Also, this vegetable is full of beneficial values and also is cheap. Yes, but remember, a bucket of popcorn in a movie theatre will be costly for sure that’s a sad truth. During grilling of corn, it takes much more time than cooking it in a microwave. It’s also beneficial as you can cook 3-4 corn ears in less period. It saves them time. Furthermore, it also gives you a hot, sweet, and buttery dish only when you add butter to it. You can add some spices and herbs too to make it more exotic.

Cooking without peeling the husk off helps in trapping the steam heat inside the ear of corn. It gets the required amount of heat in very little time as the steam stays intact inside. One should take it out with gentleness. It is because it’s hot and needs a minute to cool down. But, the peeling of the husk gets easier now.

Microwave Corn

The recipe may not get that crispy as compared to the grilled one. Also, it doesn’t have those black strides on its kernels which look eye-catchy, to be honest, but it saves some time. This way, some nutritious values stay intact. The sweet dish is a favorite of many. During chilly cold winters, when you feel a bit lazy and sleepy and it’s snack time with family or friends. You don’t need to get out of the house to get some hot snacks. Rather, just microwave the corn on the cob and enjoy it with a pinch of salt and a small cube of butter melting over it.


Corn is both a snack and a vegetable in itself as it doesn’t need much cooking to become suitable for eating. Mostly it’s famous for that crunchy popcorn version but it has its different forms, soft and creamy, a bit crunchy and sweet, etc.

But it’s not only corn on the cob or the popcorn but corn has many other useful properties such as Corn syrup, Corn starch, corn in for an Animal feed, etc. Overall it’s a winner in almost all parameters like Good snack, healthy snack, time-saving snack, and also a sweet dish snack.  It doesn’t need any more good lines to express its positive sides, just try it once, you will experience it yourself for sure.


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  1. It’s interesting to learn the benefits of leaving the husk on when microwaving corn. Great tip!

  2. I think microwaving corn on the cob doesn’t give it the same smoky flavor as grilling, but it’s definitely faster.

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