How Long is Your TABC Certification Valid – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission is also known as TABC is a public agency in Texas that is responsible for inspecting, regulating and taxing the sale, production as well as the sale of alcohol.

TABC operates within the state of Texas. Furthermore, the agency was established in 1935 and was previously known as the Texas Liquor Control Board. TABC headquarters are in Austin, Texas.

If you sell or produce alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas, you will be required to have a TABC certificate. In connection to that, we shall discuss how long is your TABC certificate valid and why in today’s article.

How Long is Your TABC Certification Valid

How long is your TABC certificate valid?

Before you are granted a TABC certificate, you will have to take two hours of training and sit for an exam, which you will have to score a minimum of 70% to attain the certificate.

You will be given two attempts to complete the final test, and if you fail, you will have to repeat the entire course once again. However, the second time, you will sit for the course for free.

When it comes to validity, the TABC certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. If you are uncertain about the exact date you were given the certificate, you can confirm it on the TABC website.

Why does the TABC certificate last that long?

TABC certificate is designed to last for two years for individuals selling an alcoholic beverage to play a critical role in enhancing public safety.

Furthermore, you will be a perfect applicant for employment. With a TABC certificate, employers will be able to land on well-trained and trustworthy employees.

Why is the TABC certificate important?

When serving or selling alcohol to the public members in places such as bars, liquor stores, restaurants, convenience store, or grocery store, safety is often considered to be the number one priority.

If you intend to have a restaurant or a service industry, understanding the importance of TABC certification is necessary. TABC always ensures you operate within the safety measures required by the law in both alcohol and food industries. In accordance to that here are some essential aspects of TABC certificate

Public Safety

As previously stated, safety should be the first priority when serving alcoholic beverages in public places, and that’s what exactly TABC provides.

Some of the public safety featured in the TABC certificate includes not selling alcoholic beverages to minors as well as intoxicated people. You will as well have a direct impact on keeping drivers who are drunk off the streets as well as preventing property damage.


If you are looking for employment in places that sell alcoholic drinks, you will require to have a TABC certificate for you to be employed. With the certificate, you will be able to carry out a responsible alcohol sale as a cashier, bartender, or server.


You should keep in mind that despite TABC not being required by law, most of the employers in Texas require their employees to be TABC certified in order to enhance public safety.


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