How Long Was FDR President (And Why)?

Exact Time: 12 Years

Franklin D Roosevelt was the president of the United States from 1933 to 1945. He served as the president of the United States from the 4th March 1933 to the 12th of April 1945. He is recognized and identified by his initial “Fdr”. He was a great politician and served the state for 12 years. He had made a record for being president continuously 4 times in the United States.
Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) was a member of a party (Democratic Party) and came out as a central figure in the 20th century (first half). Franklin D Roosevelt was a great leader with many outstanding ideas for helping the economic crisis of the United States.

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How Long Was FDR President?

Franklin D Roosevelt Political Career Time Period
As a governor4 years
As a president12 years

FDR (Franklin D Roosevelt) was the hero of the United States, who helped the United States in great depressions. The way he directed and controlled the federal government during the phase of depression was commendable. The domestic agenda (New Deal) introduced and incorporated by Franklin D Roosevelt was very effective in controlling the economic crisis.

Liberalism (modern) came into role after the New Deal coalition was effective. The New Deal coalition was the idea of the dominant leader (Franklin D Roosevelt). The third and fourth serving terms of Franklin D Roosevelt were donated during the happening of World war. The phase came to end after the death of the leader in his own office.

The student of Harvard University and Groton school the president has great knowledge about how to develop a society with new initiatives. Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) was born to the Roosevelt family and was a brilliant student of his time. He had done his law from Columbia law school and cleared the bar council exam from there only.

He had 6 children with his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. He had 6 children, out of whom 5 children survived to see adulthood. He won his first elections to New York State Senate in 1910 and was appointed as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under the ruling of President Woodrow Wilson (during the First World War).

Roosevelt went through a tough illness phase and became the victim of paralytic illness. His leg was paralyzed and then he went to the Polio rehabilitation center for recovering from the paralytic conditions. After his recovery phase got completed, and he returned to his office as a governor of New York. He tried his best to improve the condition of the economic crisis as a governor.

Why Was FDR President For This Long?

It was the efforts and ideas of Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) that made him a good and dominant leader. He focused on lifting up the economy of the place by solving many economic crises. He served the United States for 12 years, which was because of his efforts as a political ruler.

He served the United States, as the governor from 1929 to 1933. After the phase of the governor was completed, he came as the president of the United States.

At his time, he was the only president (of United States) elected for more than 2 years for serving the state. During World War II, the president of the United States came as strong support for China. He gave both financial and diplomatic support to China during the crisis of World War II when all other countries were trying to be neutral. He tried to work as a support pillar for the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union.

Franklin D Roosevelt could have continued his political career if his health would have been better. The health of Franklin D Roosevelt started getting worse with time, and he died in 1945.


President Franklin D Roosevelt ruled the United States, for 12 years, as the president of the United States. He came with many new initiatives and agendas to develop the United States in all aspects. His knowledge in the legal field and experience made him a tremendous politician.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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