How Long Was The Titanic (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 269 Meters

In today’s world, there would hardly be someone who is not familiar with the name Titanic. Titanic is well known for its ill-fated maiden voyage. On 15th April 1912, the great Titanic sank and claimed the lives of more than one thousand and five hundred people. The sinking of the Titanic is considered one of the worst maritime accidents in history.

The great Titanic was built up by a company named White Star Line and was completed and ready to sail in the ocean on 31st March 1912. The full name of the renowned Titanic ship was ‘RMS Titanic’ wherein RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer. The ship spent nearly three years in construction in Belfast, a place in Northern Ireland. Not just this, even the size of Titanic was so big that it could encompass about three football fields.

The Titanic was certainly not any ordinary ship and thus, is considered fascinating even today. On its first big journey, about 2,200 people were on board out of which there were around 900 crew members. It was known at that time as the ‘Ship of Dreams’ and was even claimed to be the safest ship of all time. As the Titanic met its tragic end, nearly 1,500 people who were on board died, making the sinking of the Titanic one of the deadliest disasters of all time.

How Long Was The Titanic

How Long Was The Titanic?

The Titanic was the biggest ship at the time it was put to service. She was about 882 feet and 9 inches long with a breadth of about 92 feet and 6 inches. The total height of the RMS Titanic was about 104 feet i.e 32 meters when measured from the base to the top of the ship. The ship had a displacement of about 52,310 tons with a beam length of 92 feet and 6 inches i.e 28.2 meters.

The total weight of the Titanic was 46,328 tons. The draught of the ship, which is the vertical distance between the bottom of Titanic’s keel and the waterline, was measured to be 34 feet and 7 inches i.e 10.4 meters. The estimated cost of constructing the ship was about $7.5 million at that time. The top speed of the Titanic was noted to be approximately 23 knots.

The Titanic had 9 decks all labeled by letters from A to G. The ship could accommodate 2,435 passengers. It also had provisions for 20 lifeboats that were sufficient for about only 1,178 people. One would be amazed to know that the dimensions of the largest room on the great Titanic were 92 feet wide and 114 feet long. It was located on deck D as the first-class dining saloon.

The Titanic’s DimensionsIn meterIn feet
Length269 meters882 feet 9 inches
Breadth28.19 meters92 feet 6 inches

Why Was The Titanic This Long?

During the time of its construction, The ship RMS Titanic was the biggest ever passenger ship to be ever built in the world. However, it met its doomed voyage and sank in the early hours of 15th April 1912 claiming many valuable lives. The ship was a British luxury steamship that sank after being struck by a huge iceberg. This disastrous event lead to the deaths of more than 1,500 passengers and crew on board.

The ship’s passengers were segregated into three classes which were determined by the price they paid for the ticket. Thus, the Titanic had people from all walks of life and even people belonging to different classes of society. In addition to being the largest ship during that time, it was specifically designed for elite people to experience the ultimate luxury travel. The Titanic’s maiden voyage did include some of the richest people in the world of those times.

As the oceans of the world are large and powerful, no one can predict what might happen to the ship after it begins its voyage. Even the Titanic which was considered to be unsinkable sank and became a history for people to remember.


The Titanic was about 882 feet and 9 inches long. In meters, the Titanic had a length of about 269 meters. The RMS Titanic was only 3 inches longer than her sister ship named Olympic. Thus, the Titanic was the largest ship when it commenced its voyage. This is one of the many reasons why the Titanic is so famous even today, many years later after the great ship sank.


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