How Long Did It Take To Build The Titanic (And Why)?

How Long Did It Take To Build The Titanic (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Over 2 Years

Titanic was by far the biggest and the most luxurious ship that was ever created in history. Almost every single person knows about the story of Titanic there was a movie also that was made about Titanic. 

Though the ship was designed and built in the early 1900s when there the technology was not highly advanced, engineering knowledge was not as developed as it is now and the machines for construction and other engineering work were not as efficient as compared to what it is now, the titanic was still a marvelous creation in the history of engineering.

How Long Did It Take To Build The Titanic

How Long Did It Take To Build The Titanic?

Timeline For Building The TitanicTime
Idea conceptualizationSummer, 1909
Designing of the titanicDecember, 1909
ConstructionMarch 31, 1909
End of constructionMay, 1911

There is not much clear information about the exact time it took to build the Titanic, when the idea was planted to build such a ship, and when it was finally designed, but there is a timeline for the titanic from which one can estimate the time for how long it took to build the Titanic.

The idea to build a ship such as the Titanic was planted on a summer evening in the year 1909. The people behind this idea were Bruce Ismay. 

The main motive behind the idea to build a ship, the Titanic, was the rivalry of Bruce Ismay, and Lord Pirrir with the company known as The Cunard Line. The plan was to make the most enormous ship in history so that they could give a tough competition to The Cunard Line company.

Once the plan was finalized, it took a whooping span of one complete year to only just design the structure of the ship including everything, the interior, the exterior, the mechanism, and all other such parts of the ship. The planning and designing of the structure of the ship began in December 1907.

Once the design of the Titanic was finalized, the work to start building the ship began on March 31, 1909. Once the construction for the ship was commenced, by the time of October 1909, the shell plating of the ship was completed.

In May 1911, it was declared that the Titanic was fully constructed exteriorly and the mechanism was complete. The last thing left was to decorate the interiors of the ship and make it ready to be sailed. 

Around a year later, on April 2, 1912, the Titanic was completely formed and was ready to go for sea-sail trials. The completion of the sea trials for the Titanic took eight days and after that, the ship sailed into the sea.

Why Did It Take That Long To Build The Titanic?

Building of the Titanic took around 3 years from the day the idea was addressed till the time the Titanic finally sailed into the sea. Building the titanic not just took a whopping 3 years but it took a lot of labor, material, and money as well.

There are multiple statistical records available that tell that it took around $166,000,000 (which is also equal to £120,000,000) to build the ship. The ship was around 228 feet or 69 meters in height. There were around 14,000 people employed at the shipyard by Bruce Ismay and Lord Pirrir and around 15,000 people who were employed at the peak of the ship for construction work. 

Building the Titanic was not as easy as it seems to be. There were over 500 injuries that were reported while building the ship and around 10 deaths of construction workers who were working on the ship. In simple words, it can be stated that the construction of the ship took one death for every £100,000 that was spent on its making.


The Titanic was considered to be ‘unsinkable’. When it was sailed into the sea for the first time after its sea-sail trial, it had J. Pierpont Morgan and others. Various movies were also made on the tragic incident and still no competitor has been incorporated.


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